Software by D’Zign Announces New Version of hp49g+ Software

Software by D’Zign has announced that a new version (Version 2) of their surveying applications for the hp49g+ calculator will be available June 1, 2006. Because HP’s production version of the 2.0 operating system in the hp49g+ calculator does not properly recognize the SD card D’Zign’s users had to use an earlier operating system with the programming. The new version 2 will allow users to work with the corrected operating systems now being published by Hewlett-Packard (Version 2.01 operating system or later).

Hewlett-Packard’s updated operating systems add increased key-stroke reliability, a larger display screen, and new equation libraries. The operating system update may be downloaded from the internet.

Version 2 of the D’Zign surveying software packages take advantage of the new features and also contain some new programming, adding more flexibility and speed to calculations. Existing users of D’Zign software may have their program cards reprogrammed to Version 2 for a nominal reprogramming and shipping charge.

Details are available on the internet at, or contact Phyllis Kerber at (559) 297-8025 for further information.