IMAGINE Easytrace™ Delivers Assisted Feature Extraction to ERDAS IMAGINE® Users

Norcross, GA – Continuing its commitment to streamlining geospatial workflows, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging today announced IMAGINE Easytrace.

IMAGINE Easytrace delivers efficient assisted feature extraction, driving efficiency throughout the vector feature capture process by minimizing the number of mouse clicks that a user must perform. When capturing vector information from a digital source, such as satellite imagery or aerial photography, traditional “heads-up” digitizing requires the user to place vertices frequently along a road or land cover boundary. The IMAGINE Easytrace add-on to IMAGINE Essentials expedites this process by employing interactively placed seed points and then applying an adaptive line fitting algorithm to accurately trace the feature between the seed locations, reducing the time needed to capture irregular linear and polygonal features.

“We understand the substantial time requirement in digitizing features from digital imagery, so IMAGINE Easytrace was developed to speed the workflow and drive productivity for ERDAS IMAGINE users,” commented Richard McKay, Vice President of Sales, Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging. “By cutting hours – even days, for large projects – from the feature extraction process, our customers can keep overhead low and quickly move on to new tasks.”

IMAGINE Easytrace will be demonstrated at the ASPRS 2006 Annual Conference, May 1-5 in Reno, Nevada. To learn more, or to schedule a personal demonstration of IMAGINE Easytrace, please call +1 770 776 3400, toll free +1 866 534 2286, or visit

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