Tripod Data Systems Releases Survey Pro 4.2

Latest version of the #1 survey software adds network RTK support, radial sideshots, plus features to support GPS-based surveys

ORLANDO, Fla.—April 25, 2006—Tripod Data Systems (TDS) today announced version 4.2 of its Survey Pro™ data collection software. This update adds several new features, including new functions that further support GPS-based surveying.

The announcement was made today at the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) Annual Conference.

"Surveyors are very forthcoming with their suggestions, so we work to build the capabilities and features they’d like to see into new releases of Survey Pro,” said TDS Survey Products Manager Eric Hall. “We also work to ensure Survey Pro remains compatible with hardware from a wide range of survey equipment manufacturers.”

New features in Survey Pro 4.2 include:
• Network RTK support allows surveyors to connect with network systems using a variety of RTK GPS rovers. It supports network RTK, Trimble VRS and single-remote base modes. With network RTK support, Survey Pro can work with network systems from all major manufacturers that are configured for NTRIP. Also, network servers for non-NTRIP setups are supported via direct IP connections, and Internet connections are supported with use of Bluetooth-enabled cell phones.
• A new radial sideshots routine allows surveyors to take multiple sideshots with redundant backsight checks. That means they can view residuals and delete unwanted measurements. In addition, surveyors can use the new routine to take sideshots with a higher level of redundancy and error checking to ensure accuracy.
• The GPS start survey now feature makes it fast and easy to set up an RTK GPS survey when control is not readily available near the base site. This simplifies starting the survey and allows surveyors to collect data prior to solving the localization. Surveyors can add control when it’s most convenient.
• The Import GPS Control feature allows surveyors to import GPS control points into the Survey Pro job file. It merges accurate NEZ location points from the control point source with GPS collected points already in the Job file. The imported points are merged with the GPS position points to form a valid GPS control point that can be used to solve localizations. The import wizard also supports solving the localization adjustment once the points are imported. Valid data sources include NGS Data Sheets, Opus Solution Reports and k• The cut fill data output for the stake-to-line function allows surveyors to easily stake and generate cut sheet data without having to use more advanced staking routines. 
• Updated drivers to support the Trimble R8 GNSS system, which allows surveyors to utilize all GPS signals, including the new L2C signal and the coming L5 signal of GPS Modernization, as well as GLONASS.

Survey Pro 4.2 is expected to be released in late June. Registered users of Survey Pro 4.x can download a free upgrade to Survey Pro 4.2 from (registration required). For new users, Survey Pro 4.2 will be available from authorized TDS dealers. A free demo will be available at the TDS Web site or by an e-mail request to

About Tripod Data Systems
Tripod Data Systems (TDS) develops hardware and software for mobile computing applications in extreme outdoor and industrial environments. TDS produces data collectors and software for land surveying and construction applications, and GIS systems for field data collection and automation. TDS is also the U.S. distributor for Nikon® and Spectra Precision® survey products in the United States and Puerto Rico.

TDS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trimble. TDS is headquartered in Corvallis, Ore., and was founded in 1987. For more information about TDS, visit, e-mail or call 541-753-9322.