Leica GNSS technology (GPS and GLONASS)

The Leica Geosystems GPS product portfolio is extended with the Leica GX1230 GG and Leica ATX1230 GG sensors for surveying applications as well as the GRX1200 GG Pro sensor for reference station networks. The new ultra precise GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) measurement engine now supports both GPS L2C signals and GLONASS satellites.

Users of these Leica GNSS solutions will benefit immediately by having up to 100 % more satellites available than GPS alone. Additionally, these systems are designed to track future GNSS signals, such as GPS L5 and Galileo, guaranteeing investments.

Currently as there are 17 operational GLONASS satellites and a clear commitment to increase this number – now is the right time to invest in GLONASS technology. The ability to track and use GLONASS signals means that it is now possible to work in environments where it was previously not possible with only GPS signals. Consequently, rover downtime is reduced and productivity is increased.

Leica GX1230 GG and Leica ATX1230 GG: SmartTrack+ and SmartCheck+
The existing and proven reliability of Leica GPS1200 continues and even rises to the next level with GNSS support to deliver unmatched results with SmartTrack+ and SmartCheck+. This is now more important than ever before since it will now be possible to measure in even more demanding environments, such as urban canyons and open-cast mines. SmartTrack+ guarantees very low signal noise, high sensitivity, fast re-acquisition and tracks all available signals. SmartCheck+ provides the highest reliability possible by continuously checking the solution.

Leica GRX1200 GG Pro: Complete Reference Station Solution
With the release of the Leica GRX1200 GG Pro and its integrated SmartTrack+ technology, Leica Geosystems demonstrates their ongoing commitment to provide GNSS Reference Station solutions for all applications.  Features of the GRX1200 GG Pro sensor include secure and reliable Internet-connectivity via HTTPS, onboard generation of RINEX files and the prompt FTP Push of high quality Raw and RINEX Data. It is configurable using a Web interface or GPS Spider affording full operations whether working remotely or in the office.  The lowest power consumption in class reduces infrastructure requirements.

Fully compatible with Leica SmartStation
The new ATX1230 GG sensor is fully compatible with the Leica TPS1200 total stations creating a GNSS SmartStation. So even total station users can benefit from additional satellite signals and position the Leica SmartStation in areas previously not possible.