RDV Systems Releases Google Earth Support to Autodesk Users

View Autodesk models in Google Earth at a click of a button

April 12th 2006 — Tel-Aviv Israel — RDV Systems announces today the availability of its publish to Google Earth functionality in its line of products.  “RDV is absolutely the easiest and quickest option available today to take Autodesk based models and publish them for viewing in Google Earth” said Natan Elsberg, co-founder and CEO of RDV Systems.  “We want to make sure that our customers have the flexibility to decide how they want to publish their 3D interactive designs” Natan added. Google Earth publishing capabilities enhances RDV’s core functionality support of advanced visual analyses, animation, texturing and performance for more complex engineering design visualization needs. A free 30 day evaluation download of the software is available directly from the website (www.rdvsystems.com).

About RDV Systems
Established in 2003, RDV systems (www.rdvsystems.com) is revolutionizing the manner in which 3D modeling and simulation technology is applied by developing innovative visualization solutions tailored for CAD designers in evaluating, communicating, and gaining approval for their projects. Seamlessly integrated into the CAD desktop, RDV enables designers to rapidly create interactive visualizations and to apply visualization technology throughout the design work flow. The inherent results of RDV implementation are streamlined presentation and review processes, enhanced productivity, and lowered project costs.  RDV Systems is a member of the DataSafe group (www.datasafe.co.il ) with corporate headquarters in Lod, Israel.