First High-Resolution Satellite Imagery User Conference in China Attracts Hundreds

Longmont, Colo., April 4, 2006 – Beijing Space Eye Innovation Technology Corp. (BSEI), a business partner of DigitalGlobe®, hosted a user conference in Beijing that attracted more than 330 attendees from 22 provinces and cities throughout China. Held on March 7, the conference was sponsored by DigitalGlobe and was dedicated to supporting the use of high-resolution satellite imagery in China.

A majority of the participants were professionals from the GIS, remote sensing and surveying/mapping fields as well as those from research and educational institutions. Other attendees represented markets ranging from land resources and urban planning to forestry, oil and mining.

The event was intended to create a forum for discussing the applications of DigitalGlobe satellite imagery and ways to improve application technologies, as well as fostering relationship-building and smooth coordination among BSEI, DigitalGlobe and end-users of the data in China.

“This is the first China-hosted user conference dedicated to QuickBird imagery since the launch of QuickBird in 2001,” said Xiaoyang Cheng, president of BSEI. “The meeting created an ideal opportunity for end-users in China to have face-to-face dialogues with DigitalGlobe representatives to exchange knowledge and experience in using satellite data.”

“This conference gave DigitalGlobe a valuable opportunity to gain fresh insight into the strong demand for imagery in China and how high-resolution satellite data strategically serves commercial and government markets,” said Mike McGill, DigitalGlobe’s senior director, global commercial sales. “We enthusiastically support BSEI’s initiatives to help expand the market for our data and related geospatial technologies. Congratulations to BSEI for pulling off such a successful and insightful user conference.”

About DigitalGlobe
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