Leica Geosystems launches Britain’s first commercial RTK network: Leica SmartNet

Since mid January 2006 Leica Geosystems’ SmartNet service is live and available as a broadcast correction service to subscribers via GSM or GPRS technology in Great Britain. The service is a partnership between Leica Geosystems and Ordnance Survey.

GPS first became a viable tool for Topographic Surveys, GIS and Engineering applications in the early 1990’s, with the completion of the Navstar satellite constellation. The breakthrough to high precision solutions came with the expense of needing access to two GPS receivers; a reference and a rover. Without this configuration, accuracy is at around 10 metres, of variable quality and uncertain reliability.

Now there is a genuine breakthrough which means that we no longer require the use of multiple GPS receivers. Announced December 20th 2005, Great Britain will have the first commercially available broadcast RTK network, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Leica SmartNet. ‘Now, one receiver is all you need. Of critical importance is the continuous datum afforded by SmartNet – you can work at full precision, in OS Grid, as soon as you turn the receiver on, anywhere in the country – or work in a new or existing local grid as before.’ says Leica Geosystems’ Simon Mears.

SmartNet is based on raw data from the Ordnance Survey network of GPS base stations. This network, known as OS Net, comprises around 90 permanent nationally deployed GPS reference stations, however OS Net is commercially available only via partners.

Open to all, whichever GPS you own
Since mid January 2006 Leica Geosystems’ SmartNet service is live and available as a broadcast correction service to subscribers via GSM or GPRS technology.

SmartNet is available to anyone with any make of GPS receiver that can accept RTK or DGPS corrections broadcast by GSM or GPRS. So whether you own a Leica Geosystems or another make of GPS receiver you are able to gain access to the service.

The Network
Leica SmartNet is enabled by the network of Ordnance Survey base stations to create a high density, high redundancy network which is able to deliver corrections at the centimetre level in RTK mode or sub-metre DGPS and with raw data for post processing.

Data from each of these base stations around the country is received over the Internet at a highly secure location in London Docklands where it is processed using Leica SpiderNet, Leica Geosystems advanced network calculation software, and made available to users when they dial up or log in.

Just register a SIM card and you’re away!
To take out an annual subscription, all you have to do is register a SIM card with Leica SmartNet, and then you can begin real-time precision RTK GPS or DGPS survey. No longer surveyors have to set up base stations in secure compounds, atop site huts or stand guard over them whilst the rover collects the positions.

A new era has indeed begun. During February Leica Geosystems will be holding a series of roadshows to present the new service Leica SmartNet to potential users. As with all new services you can expect very good offers for early adopters. Don’t miss out!

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