Topcon Technology Roadshow has full slate of seminars in 2006

From Alaska to New Hampshire and from Florida to California, the 2006 Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) Technology Roadshow starts its third year of educational seminars and hands-on demonstrations for surveying, GPS and machine control operations.

Throughout the year, TPS representatives in conjunction with Topcon dealers, will host regional seminars designed to illustrate:
• How new technology can increase job site productivity and profitability;
• The impact of automation on the modern construction site;
• Breakthroughs in accuracy and job site productivity using satellite systems;
• Robotic technology and how it is used on job sites; and the
• Latest news on space-based navigation and multi-satellite signal technology.

Other specialized topics can be added to any Technology Roadshow presentation as requested.

Jason Killpack, a TPS product sales manager, said, ”Owners and operators constantly struggle with the same question: ‘How can I learn about the technology affecting my business when I’m busy every day running my business?’

The answer is simple, Killpack said: “A Topcon Technology Roadshow, through videos, informal education sessions and open question-and-answer sessions can give customers an incredible amount of useful information in half-a-day,” he said. The four-to-five hour sessions will be scheduled to accommodate a majority of attendees’ schedules whenever possible.

The multi-media presentations are designed to educate engineering and construction professionals about the new technologies that are available to help accuracy and productivity on a daily basis. Part of the show will include a question and answer session by technology experts from sponsoring dealers. Through a presentation that contains application movies and animation, the basic and advanced concepts of satellite navigation and positioning will be covered, as well as imaging and laser technology. Each show wraps up with hands-on demonstrations of products.

About Topcon
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