California FEMA-DWR Elevation Certificate Workshop

On Friday April 28, 2006, the Northern California Section of ACSM will present a an eight hour workshop on FEMA-DWR Elevation Certificates with Mssrs. Edward Perez and Ray Lee, State Floodplain Coordinators, with the California Department of Water Resources. Also, a "humorous yet educational" talk by Phil Danskin, P.L.S., will be presented, followed with Q&As, and winding down with a colorful presentation by Bruce Hedquist, P.L.S. on new FEMA mapping products.

Intended audience: Land Surveyors, Consulting Engineers, Building, Planning and Public Works Staff from Communities Participating in NFIP, and Floodplain Administrators.

The workshop will include:
• 5-hour FEMA-DWR Workshop on new Elevation Certificate in effect (see
  Purpose and Definitions
  Special Flood Hazard Area Zones
  How to Use Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs)
  How to Determine the "Lowest Floor" level of a Structure
  The Completion Process for the New FEMA Elevation Certificate
• Lunch (included in the price).
• A 45-minute "humorous yet educational" presentation by a local California LS, on his experiences in the field and office, while engaged in the production of Elevation Certificates.
• 30-60 minutes of Questions & Answers (Q&A) The attendees will obtain additional useful information and insight into various problems and solutions related to Elevation Certificates (EC).
• A 1-hour Map Presentation, with examples of DFIRMs (Digital FIRMs) and scanned image files of conventional FIRMs now available on the FEMA MSC web site.

To download a PDF with the meeting particulars, click HERE.