Corbley Communications Produces First Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast

Winchester, Virginia, USA, 20 March 2006 – Corbley Communications Inc. today introduced its first Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast. The Podcast features an interview with Dr. Shawana Johnson, President of Global Marketing Insights Inc., discussing results of the 2005 NOAA International Remote Sensing Survey.

The Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast is available for downloading and playing at or

“The 2005 NOAA International Remote Sensing Survey offers insight into factors that are expected to impact the direction of the worldwide remote sensing market for the next 10 years,” said Kevin Corbley, Owner of Corbley Communications Inc. “Professionals involved in every segment of the remote sensing industry will want to listen to the survey findings described by Dr. Johnson in this Podcast.”

The NOAA Satellite and Information Service Division contracted Global Marketing Insights to conduct a research study of the international remote sensing market as it relates to aerial and satellite data technologies. Global Marketing Insights conducted more than 1,500 online surveys to complete the study and submit a final report to NOAA in late 2005.

Corbley Communications produced the Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast as a service to the geospatial industry. Additional Podcast interviews with influential members of the industry will be released periodically. The Geospatial Newsmaker Podcast is produced in a standard MP3 audio format that can be downloaded and played using Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes or similar software.

About Corbley Communications Inc.
Headquartered in Winchester, Va., just outside the Washington, D.C. area, Corbley Communications Inc. has been providing public relations, marketing and advertising services to the worldwide geospatial industry since 1993. Corbley Communications’ clients come from every sector of the remote sensing, digital mapping and GIS industry, and they include software developers, value-added solutions providers, aerial survey firms and satellite operators.

About Global Marketing Insights
Established in 1997, Global Marketing Insights Inc. provides a wide range of business planning and market research services, including targeted product/service market studies and competitive market research. Global Marketing Insights Inc. provides strategic planning and market research to government agencies and private sector firms seeking to develop their geospatial business interests. Global Marketing Insights Inc. is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Log on to the Global Marketing web site at for more information and to obtain a free copy of the NOAA 2005-2015 Remote Sensing Study.