New Book Offers Comprehensive Educational Resources to GIS Educators

Redlands, California – An updated version of the highly successful Mapping Our World: GIS Lessons for Educators gives teachers in middle and high schools a one-stop resource for adding geographic information system (GIS) software to their curriculum.

Ideas, exercises, resources, and data fill the pages of Mapping Our World: GIS Lessons for Educators, ArcGIS Desktop Edition, which updates the material from the original workbook for use with ESRI’s latest GIS software, ArcGIS 9 Desktop. This new version from ESRI Press continues to help teachers expand their programs into the world of high-speed computing, vast databases, the World Wide Web, and the "supermaps" of GIS.

The original Mapping Our World: GIS Lessons for Educators ArcView 3.x Edition won the 2003 Geography Excellence in Media (GEM) Award from the National Council for Geographic Education(NCGE), and was a 2004 Finalist for the Software Information Industry Association (SIIA) Codie Award for Best Educational Total Comprehensive Solution. The intent and general design of the lessons include the same standards and assessment rubrics as the original award-winning version. Exercises were only modified to accommodate changes and new tools in the software.

This comprehensive educational resource gives educators all the tools they need to begin teaching with GIS. Educators with more GIS experience will find the lessons and data ideal points of departure for more complex and extended inquiries. The Mapping Our World package consists of a workbook with seven modules built around different geographic themes. Students can investigate each theme on three different levels: global perspective, regional case study, and advanced investigation. Each GIS investigation has been developed according to National Geographic Society standards.

The workbook’s 19 lessons include detailed step-by-step instructions for the student, well-placed screen captures, and questions that help students acquire broad-based problem-solving skills. The package also includes photocopy-ready teacher instructions, student handouts, assessments, and evaluation rubrics. Companion CDs include a one-year license of ArcView 9 software and geographic data for all lessons. A companion Web site provides additional support.

Mapping Our World: GIS Lessons for Educators, ArcGIS Desktop Edition (ISBN 1-58948-121-6, 576 pages, $79.95) is available in bookstores and online retailers worldwide or can be purchased at or by calling 1-800-447-9778. Outside the United States, you may also contact your local ESRI distributor; see for a current distributor list. Books published by ESRI Press are distributed to the trade by Independent Publishers Group (tel.: 1-800-888-4741, Web:

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