Tensing USA Introduces SPY .NET Suite of Mobile Products

Germantown, MD, USA, 23 Feb. 2006 — Tensing USA today announced the availability of its SPY .NET suite of mobile products, the first mobile GIS solution that is 100 percent based on the Microsoft .Net Framework. This platform-independent suite will run on any Windows-driven device that utilizes the .NET Framework 2.0 or .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

Tensing developed the SPY .NET suite, built on the core SPY technology already used by thousands of clients around the world, specifically for end users who do not need a full-blown GIS but require fast-performing field tools and hardware independence.

“Our SPY .NET suite offers unprecedented flexibility and convenience for users because it integrates four components of the proven SPY technology into a single package that runs in the Windows environment,” said Arjan Plomp, Managing Director of Tensing USA.

The SPY .NET suite consists of Tensing SPY Mobile GIS, Tensing SPY Development Suite, Tensing Live Connect, and Tensing Gateway.

Tensing SPY Mobile GIS is a robust tool that allows field staff to review, analyze and change up-to-date data in the field. It extends GIS capabilities to crews in the field and gives them access to entire mapping systems on laptop, pen, tablet computers and PDA’s. Data is provided to the crews by extracting data from any corporate GIS database via an extremely fast one-to-one conversion tool that simplifies the presentation of the data. Tensing SPY Mobile GIS now allows the customer to define the same application regardless of hardware platform.

“Providing a consistent view of the data – whether in or out of the office – is one of the keys our customers wanted as they evolve their solutions to today’s standards. Offering a flexible environment that allows the field user to choose the hardware device ensures an easier migration to this type of technology,” said Plomp.

Tensing SPY Development Studio is a fully accessible set of tools that the developer can access in a Visual Studio environment. It allows clients to control their own destiny by creating additional functionality for field users. Using the Tensing SPY Mobile GIS application as a starting point, the customer can easily control the development of future requirements for itself. No longer does the customer require the vendor to develop its solution.

Tensing Live Connect integrates with any dispatching system to extract data related to a specific work order. The utility does not have to worry about security, compression, administration or even practical issues as this solution resolves all of those issues today. Via Tensing Live Connect, GIS data is provided on a real-time basis and can be supplemented using web services to obtain any back office system data.

The fourth component, Tensing Gateway offers a direct approach to ensuring the transfer of data from a Smallworld GIS into the field. This extractor is a fully menu-driven program running within Smallworld that allows utility and telecom customers to fully or partially convert their geospatial data for use in a mobile GIS application. Tensing Gateway transfers the data between Smallworld and Tensing SPY Mobile GIS for rapid access, use and QA/QC before data updates made in the field are returned into the Smallworld GIS repository.

About Tensing USA
Based in Germantown, Maryland, Tensing USA provides a full suite of mobility products. Tensing SPY Mobile GIS solutions are being used by thousands of field workers in North America, Australia and Europe for a wide range of applications such as utility network maintenance, fault clearing services, pole inventory, vegetation control, GPS geocoding, inspections, locating and turn-offs. The Tensing SPY Mobile GIS has been integrated with Microsoft MapPoint as well as Dispatching solutions, such as MDSI and Field Vision.

Tensing is a mobility software and application developer specializing in worldwide implementations for GIS, Mobile Field GIS, Intra/Internet GIS and Dispatching Systems. Applications such as Routing, Vehicle Tracking & Tracing, Data Acquisition, Network Analysis and Digital Conversions are just some of the examples of applications that Tensing has in operation. The Telecom, Utility, Municipal, Emergency Response and Call Centre industries recognize the value Tensing adds with its wide range of products and consulting skills. 

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