Leica Geosystems announces new options for MC200 Digger Excavator Guidance solution

Leica Geosystems today announced the launch of key new options for its successful MC200 Digger Excavator Guidance System, increasing the range of job site digging applications available to the operator.

The new Leica MC200 Digger options, which include Dual Slope, Rotation Compensation and Bucket Tilt, provide a major extension of Leica Geosystems’ MC200 Digger modular-based digging and weighing system.

When working on a sloping surface, the operator is now able to compensate for any rotation of the chassis and for the bucket tilt. These options provide more flexibility, less interruption and higher productivity for an excavator operator in his daily workflow.

The new sensors also provide the flexibility for quick exchange of excavator buckets. Underwater digging in heavy environmental situations is also possible with specially designed sensors for these kinds of applications.

Digging without limits
Bob Flynn, product marketing manager of machine automation for Leica Geosystems, said these new options used in combination with Leica MC200 Digger’s Weighing option, makes digging and weighing on the fly a reality. “It’s digging without limits! The new options support excavating applications with higher efficiency, reliability, accuracy and productivity. When digging trenches, profiles and even working underwater, the MC200 Digger guides the operator to the target,” he said.

A platform for expansion
The Leica MC200 Digger system is the platform for all excavator guiding and weighing solutions. With the various options available as modules, customers can compile their own MC200 Digger and upgrade it later, depending on the application on which they are working.

For existing customers, MC200 Digger is easily upgradeable to this new Dual Slope and Bucket Tilt option, as it is to the Weighing option or even the high-end 3D with GPS positioning system.

Meeting customer needs
Flynn said that the success of this product development is due to Leica Geosystems’ close relationship with its customers, who provided important inputs for the improvements to the existing system.

“We now have a state-of-the-art system that meets excavator operators’ needs,” he said.

Operator friendly
Leica MC200 Digger System uses an easy-to-read graphical display, which is mounted in the cab to provide excavator operators with real-time depth, reach and bucket slope information in relation to any reference. 

A high brightness LED light-bar provides a quick reference to the desired level while an audible tone gives the operator an “on-grade” or “near-grade” indication.

When operators have to rotate the chassis or tilt the bucket on a sloping surface, Leica MC200 Digger is able to guide operators in any height or slope with which they are working.

When digging underwater or in a situation when the bucket is not visible, the operator gains new levels of precision and control through clear feedback in the display on bucket angle and position.

With Leica Geosystems’ new quick bucket exchange possibility, it is now possible to switch easily between different buckets without leaving the cabin.

Leica Geosystems – when it has to be right
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