Leica Geosystems Introduces World’s Lightest All-on-the-pole Cable-free RTK GPS Surveying System

Leica SmartRover Is Newest Addition to System 1200 Family

Leica Geosystems has announced the introduction of the SmartRover, a new, lightweight, high-performance, all-on-the-pole RTK GPS surveying instrument. Weighing just 2.8 kg (6.16 lb), the SmartRover is 30 percent lighter than other all-on-the-pole RTK systems.

“With the lightweight SmartRover, a surveyor can work the whole day without fatigue, maximizing on-the-job performance and productivity,” said Steve Crowfoot, vice president for product and segment marketing. “In addition, the SmartRover delivers complete cable-free operation to provide maximum flexibility with fewer components.”

Consisting of the Leica AT1230 SmartAntenna and Leica 1250 Controller, the SmartRover is designed to be fully compatible with the Leica SmartStation, the first total station with integrated GPS. “The surveyor can use the SmartAntenna to position the total station, and then transfer it to the SmartRover to continue GPS RTK surveying,” said Crowfoot.

The SmartRover features Leica Geosystems’ exclusive SmartCheck and SmartTrack technology for high performance in the field. The SmartCheck algorithms provide centimeter-level position accuracy at update rates up to 20 Hz with 99.99 percent reliability for baselines up to 30 km. The SmartTrack engine acquires all visible satellites within seconds, tracks to low elevations, measures beneath trees and provides exceptional multipath mitigation and advanced anti-jamming capability.

The SmartRover incorporates Windows CE and Bluetooth™ technologies. This facilitates direct contact to the office via the Internet to upload and download data to enhance survey productivity. With its integrated CF card, data can be seamlessly exchanged with Leica System 1200 instruments to provide full X-Function capability. All System 1200 application software is also available on the new RX 1250 Controller.

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