Introducing ALTM 3100EA – Optech’s newest addition to the Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper Family

Toronto, January 11, 2006 – Optech, the global leader in manufacturing and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments, is pleased to announce the new ALTM 3100EA (Enhanced Accuracy).

With the introduction of the ALTM 3100EA, the world’s first 100 kHz airborne laser terrain mapper now provides even more options! The new ALTM 3100EA still offers all the functionality and performance of the previous ALTM 3100 systems, but now enables users to achieve even greater accuracies for their large-scale mapping requirements. Under optimal conditions, users can achieve elevation accuracies as high as ± 3 cm, 2-sigma at 500 m elevation, 33 kHz laser rep. rates with +/-10º scan angles.

“Optech is delighted to introduce such a critical new model as the ALTM 3100EA to the geomatics community,” says Jake Jenkins, Director of Optech’s Terrestrial Survey Division. “We’ve listened to our customers, and they have told us that this type of accuracy is not only needed but expected in today’s highly competitive mapping marketplace. We’re pleased to be able to respond so quickly to these demands and ensure that all of Optech’s customers have the latest in cutting-edge technology to assist them in keeping their competitive edge. Our commitment to our customers to lead in the development of Lidar based solutions that promote efficiency, innovation and reliability is fully realized with the release of this ALTM model enhancement.”

Optech’s ALTM 3100EA sets the global standard for airborne laser terrain mapping with data acquisition rates of up to 100,000 pulses per second and innovative features such as intensity, full waveform digitization, simultaneous first/last pulse measurement, roll compensation, and digital camera integration. The ALTM 3100 remains the only completely programmable lidar sensor in the world, has the flexibility to obtain required data at both at high and low altitudes, and outperforms any single-purpose system in the world. With more systems in operation worldwide than any other airborne laser mapping instrument, the ALTM is the solution of choice where fast, detailed and accurate topographic elevation data are needed.

About Optech
Optech is the world leader in the development, manufacture and support of advanced laser-based survey instruments. In addition to the ALTM, Optech products and applications include: the ILRIS-3D Intelligent Laser Ranging and Imaging System; the SHOALS-1000T airborne lidar bathymeter, atmospheric monitoring and space-based systems, mine cavity monitoring systems, and industrial process control solutions.

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