TruBlu™ Module Provides Wireless Connectivity for NavCom GPS Receivers and Bluetooth® Controllers

TruBlu™ is compatible with Bluetooth® wireless technology, enabling faster set-up and ease of use during field operations.

Torrance, CA – January 16, 2006 – NavCom Technology, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Deere & Company (NYSE:DE) announced today the introduction of TruBlu, a Bluetooth compatible wireless device, enabling cable- free communication between NavCom’s GPS receivers and Bluetooth enabled controllers.

The new TruBlu accessory provides users with added flexibility and the option to use NavCom’s GPS equipment with either a serial cable or the TruBlu wireless module to communicate with computer controllers.        
TruBlu is a wireless transceiver that works with all NavCom GPS receivers equipped with the latest 26 channel NCT-2100D GPS engine.  The compact module provides a wireless range of up to 30 meters and is powered directly from the GPS unit, requiring no additional batteries for usage. The embedded blue LED illuminates the translucent and water resistant casing, flashing intermittently to indicate proper operation.

"TruBlu is NavCom’s answer to our customer’s request for cable free operation," said Steve Wilson, NavCom’s GPS Products Business Manager. "TruBlu provides our customers with added flexibility and ease of use within their demanding real-world environments."

"The TruBlu accessory again demonstrates NavCom’s commitment to exceeding industry and client expectations," comments Lance André, SMI Product Manager at Eagle Point. "We will be offering the new TruBlu transceiver as standard on all SMI Flex packages as it benefits our clients with wireless connectivity and ease-of-movement without worry of tangled or damaged cables."

Pricing and Availability
The TruBlu wireless module is priced at $395 per unit and is currently available for shipping. For additional product information, visit NavCom’s website at or contact NavCom’s sales team at (310) 381-2000 or

About NavCom Technology, Inc.
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