Software by D’Zign Announces New HP33 Book

Software by D’Zign has announced the release of a revised and expanded 2nd Edition of their programming workbook "Surveying Solutions for the hp33s", for use with the hp33s scientific calculator.  The book gives step-by-step instructions for input of the programs, with user instructions and examples for each, and now has been expanded based on suggestions from users over the past year. 
The programming includes Traversing, Inversing, all of the normal Intersection routines, Circular and Vertical Curves, Vertical Intersection, Triangle Solutions, and more. Programs are included for adding and subtracting in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds directly, and the user has the option of working in either Azimuth or Bearing/Quad in the coordinate geometry programs.
The Hewlett-Packard 33s 2-line display scientific calculator is the best choice of those calculators allowed for use on the NCEES tests, with 32k user memory. It also features keystroke programming, in RPN that allows programming of essentially a complete surveying calculator. Using the solve function to input equations as programming steps assures consistency in the results.  Add the built-in trigonometric functions, polar- rectangular, fractions, physical constants, and unit conversions and it is an excellent candidate for this do-it-yourself solutions book.

The 2nd Edition will be available through book sellers and survey equipment or calculator vendors in mid-January.
For further information, contact Phyllis Kerber at 559-297-8725, or visit the D’Zign website at