Prosurv LLC announces new Prosurv cEZ version 1.5

Clark, WY – January 12, 2006 – Prosurv LLC announces new Prosurv cEZ version 1.5 and sale on Prosurv cEZ Data Collection!  For the first time ever, Total Station & Digital Level Data Collection software is available for under $100.00.  Prosurv cEZ Data Collection is comprehensive surveying data collection software for the Pocket PC.  Prosurv cEZ supports most total stations and digital levels, as well as allowing full manual entry of raw data.  The extensive software includes dozens of ProGo™ computational routines, Feature Codes & Attributes, Baselines (horizontal & vertical geometry), Import/Export of points, raw data recomputations, raw data export, 5 types of Intersections, real-time point and linework graphics, 3 compass rule adjustments, spiral curve and offset computations, pre-determined areas, least squares best fit line and curve routines, and much more.  Powerful data collection routines include Bring Elevation from point, Setup by points or Bg/Az with auto-backsight computation and comparison, Traverse (close the horizon method), 2 and 3 point 3D Resection, Radial Stakeout, 3D Stake to Line/Curve, Automated Cross Sectioning (sequencing of feature codes) and default setup of instrument settings.

Digital Level routines include Setup, Sideshot, manual 3-wire entry, auto-reduction of raw data to elevations (stores as points for easy export of level data), raw data text file export, level runs, ability to overwrite existing point’s elevation to achieve 3D control points as you run through existing points (ie points set by RTK GPS).  Also stake out points just like using a Total Station, with automatic cut/fill and turning on points.

New Version 1.5 (just released) offers new "past Baseline" computation ability.  This complements the previously released "pre-Baseline" computation ability.  Together, they allow the computation of Station & Offset of points (Northing/Easting) that are before or after a defined Baseline (Horizontal Geometry).  A point that is 100′ past the ending point of a Baseline that ends at 37+00 is now computed as 38+00 in the Baseline/Offset Report.

Prosurv cEZ is available for a limited time for just $99.00.  A 3 day trial version is available for download at  For inquiries or to place an order, please call Toll-free 888-647-9500.

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