Topcon introduces new motorized total station

GPT-8203M features onboard software, servo-drive

Livermore, CA – The GPT-8203M is a new addition to Topcon’s 8200 series of long-range reflectorless total stations. This precision instrument is specially designed to expedite layout of formwork, structural components, anchor bolts, as well as all other construction elements that require accurate positioning. Onboard software and a servo-drive work together to automate point stakeout. With the GPT-8203M, it is not necessary to be an experienced surveyor to put plans on the ground.

All GPT-8200 models feature Topcon’s advanced EDM, enabling reflectorless measurements up to 1,200 meters. With a standard prism, the measurement range is extended to 7,000 meters – almost 23,000 feet. The GPT-8203M can be easily upgraded to a cost-effective, full robotic unit.

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