SECO introduces The Claw™ Quick-Release and Ball-and-Socket pole clamps and data collector cradles

These new ‘anti-crush’, all-metal clamps & cradles hold tight, but can’t over tighten

Redding, CA — SECO introduced an innovative new product line appropriately named The Claw™ today.  The Claw, the next generation of quality all-metal collector/controller cradles and pole clamps from SECO, feature several new design improvements. 

The streamlined design of the new cradles fit the body of a collector/controller snugly with simple, comfortable locking on the bottom of the cradle.  Both cradles and clamps are manufactured of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum and feature stainless steel clamp screws with non-jamming coarse threads designed for years of trouble-free service in the field.

The most important new feature of these SECO products is that they use a new ‘anti-crush’ function that locks up both the cradle and/or 1.25-inch diameter pole when tight, but the locking function is limited — the risk of inadvertently causing damage to sensitive and expensive equipment is now greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

The new Claw Series has two distinct model types: 

• The first is the Quick-Release type; its cradle can be used with existing SECO 5198-Series Open Pole Clamps or can be used with a new 5200-150 Claw Pole Clamp (for 1.25-inch diameter poles only – sold separately). 

• The second is the Ball-and-Socket Cradle and Clamp, which is sold as a complete solution and is operationally identical to the existing SECO 5199-Series, with its nearly unlimited — and fully customizable — range of motion.  An additional feature is that the Ball-and-Socket Cradle, by itself, is fully compatible with existing SECO 5199-Series clamps and can be purchased separately to complete a custom setup for pole, vehicle interior, or ATV mount applications.

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