osmoGIS Offers e-Commerce Capabilities to State and Local Governments for Data Sales

November 29, 2005, Orlando, Florida – osmoGIS Incorporated, specializing in e-commerce and data distribution solutions for the GIS community, has updated and released its shopping cart utility RevAnce. This will allow state, local, and regional organizations to more efficiently provide data to the public, in much less time than traditional methods, and easily recoup costs involved in the process of GIS data distribution.

RevAnce allows local data creators the ability to create a self-serve Internet kiosk for data distribution with a means to capture revenue to offset costs. It is designed to integrate with ArcIMS 9 and most Internet-based credit card processors or web-based billing systems, including custom solutions. RevAnce is intended to make the process of data distribution faster and easier for both the data creator and data buyer in an economic marketplace.

RevAnce is designed to enhance customer service by automating a simple task – data distribution – that consumes an ever-increasing portion of a data creator’s time. The delivery methods available mean the customer may wait up to a week for the data. By moving data requests to an Internet kiosk with ArcIMS and RevAnce, man-hours are returned to internal projects, revenue is captured to offset costs, and customers get the data they need in minutes. All of this results in improved customer service.

"Data distribution is a constant issue in the GIS community," remarked osmoGIS president Richard Orth. "Newsletter and magazine articles are written about the subject. Discussion groups are held at conferences; but the problem remains. RevAnce is the solution for revenue capture."

This new release of RevAnce is an update to the specific version employed exclusively at the SpatialDataArchive website. It features:

• a list of the files contained in the zip file;
• coordinate display of the data extents;
• costing by the file sizes contained within the zip file;
• completely customizable interface and cost options; and
• the ability to link with most web-enabled billing/payment systems.

More information and a link to a live demo can be found at www.osmoGIS.com, or by contacting Richard Orth at 888-514-0195.

About osmoGIS
osmoGIS was founded August 2004 with a singular goal: make GIS data distribution easier and faster. For the data consumer that means speed and convenience. For the data creator it means secure and economical. Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of both groups.