GeoPrinter Streamlines Digital Wall Map Printing for GIS Community

Wake Forest, NC – Geographic Enterprises (GE) has launched the GeoPrinter Wall Map Digital Printing Service at making production of wall size map output fast, easy, and affordable.  The GeoPrinter service provides high resolution digital map printing for PDF format files in sizes up to 9 X 12 feet.

To ensure the highest quality digital printing for customers, the GeoPrinter website offers the free GeoPrinter PDF Utility for download to enable GIS and desktop mapping users to easily create, save, and share map output in PDF format.  The GeoPrinter PDF Utility is a Windows print driver that enables you to quickly and easily generate large wall size PDF format maps (in custom or 9 default sizes up to 9 X 12 feet) from any desktop mapping or GIS software package.  It is accessible as one of the available printers from the ‘Print’ menu.

“I became a geographer because of my lifelong fascination with maps.  There is no other static medium that can communicate so much information, so quickly, so intuitively.” says Geographic Enterprises Managing Partner, Kent Hargesheimer.  “Our mission is to expand the use and evolution of Geospatial technology.  What better way to do this than to make production of custom large format map output really fast, easy, and affordable.”

Printing large format maps via local retail print services has typically been slow, cumbersome, and very expensive.  The GeoPrinter service streamlines the large format digital map printing process and delivers it to the GIS community at a fair price.  Custom laminated wall size maps start at just $95.

“We are really changing the economics of large format printing” states Hargesheimer.  “GIS departments that have historically maintained their own equipment to fulfill a periodic need for large format output should re-assess their required investment.  The cumulative costs for equipment, upgrades, printing consumables, office space, and staff time can be quite significant.  Outsourcing to the GeoPrinter service can be a very cost effective way to fulfill large format printing needs.”
GE has partnered with Intelligent Direct, a company who has been in the map production and printing business for more than 20 years providing large format digital printing services for prestigious clients like National Geographic and Rand McNally.  The new partnership is now making their digital map printing expertise available to the global GIS community.

“The partnership with Geographic Enterprises and their new GeoPrinter service significantly expands our market into the GIS community for us” states Dan Olasin, Founder and President of Intelligent Direct. “Our traditional market has always been providing maps to people without any GIS or mapping software, we’re excited about the opportunity.” 

GE is actively seeking affiliate partners in the GeoSpatial industry to distribute the free GeoPrinter PDF Utility and provide dynamic links to the new service for their customers.  Interested companies can request more information about the GeoPrinter affiliate partner program on the GeoPrinter website at or via email at

About Geographic Enterprises, LLC: GE provides geographic business intelligence solutions to help manage and grow your business.   GE’s long term focus is on the expanded use & evolution of geospatial technology and advancing the science to study & visualize geographic space-time relationships to support better decisions.  More information about GE is available at