WhiteStar Introduces Lot & Tract Database Products

Lakewood, Colo., 16 November 2005 – WhiteStar Corp. today introduced Lot & Tract Database, an enhanced product and services line based on the popular WhiteStar U.S. Land Grid product. In the new offering, Section grids are further sub-divided into government lots and tracts and delivered to the customer as polygons in a GIS-compatible format.

“The Lot & Tract product is designed for oil and gas, forestry and other natural resource organizations that want to visualize their land holdings on a digital GIS map at a more detailed scale than the traditional Section grid,” said Robert White, President of WhiteStar. “Our clients discover it is much easier to make strategic land management decisions when they can view land ownership accurately at the lot and tract level.”

WhiteStar offers the Lot & Tract Database as both a product and a service. As a product, clients can request a digital lot and tract layer for an entire Section, Township, County or other political entity. Lots and tracts for several parts of the Western United States have already been extracted and archived by WhiteStar and are ready for immediate delivery.

As a service, WhiteStar will create accurate lot and tract polygons in GIS format for clients that provide legal descriptions of land holdings anywhere in the United States. WhiteStar personnel provide this service using a computerized semi-automated polygon creation process that first requires intensive research and interpretation of official federal, state and local government records. WhiteStar provides the entire research, validation and data creation process.

Lot & Tract data products are created to complement WhiteStar’s other lines of plug-and-play commercial GIS products, including its Nationwide Pipeline Database, National Public Lands Survey, and National Well Location File. Depending on the client’s desired level of processing, WhiteStar can georectify or georeference the Lot & Tract data for compatibility with existing GIS data. Data sets are usually delivered in ArcGIS format.

About WhiteStar Corp.
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