Overwatch Announces RemoteView Users Group Conference

Sterling, VA., USA, 9 November 2005 — Overwatch Geospatial Operations, formerly Sensor Systems, is pleased to announce its upcoming RemoteView Users Group Conference on November 15-16, 2005, in Dulles, Virginia. At the conference, Overwatch Geospatial Operations will demonstrate many of the new functions that have been added to the RemoteView software package.

RemoteView is a geospatial processing and analysis package developed by Sensor Systems, which joined the Overwatch group of companies on Oct. 1, 2005, and changed its name to Overwatch Geospatial Operations.

Held at the Dulles Embassy Suites Hotel, the 2005 RemoteView Users Group Conference will provide the latest information about RemoteView’s new features, including the Image Catalog, Precision Positioning/Tactical Targeting (iGeoPos), Research & Negation, Virtual Mosaic, 3D Fly-Thru, and the new RemoteView/ENVI Link. The conference will also offer workshops on a variety of topics, such as photogrammetry, multi-spectral imagery, GIS functionality, and commercial satellite imagery, as well as updates on Overwatch UNIX and Windows products. Conference participants will have the opportunity to see exhibits from other RemoteView software users and Overwatch business partners.

"We are looking forward to having our clients learn how RemoteView fits into the new Overwatch Intelligence Center (OIC) suite of integrated geospatial and fusion software tools," said Kirk D. Brown, President and CEO of Overwatch Geospatial Operations. "The OIC suite enables analysts in the U.S. defense and intelligence communities, and increasingly in the commercial and international government sectors, to generate relevant, actionable intelligence for a wide range of uses faster and more effectively than anything else on the market."

RemoteView is poised to become the primary platform for merging sources of intelligence across multiple agencies of government. It is currently the leading software for imagery visualization and geospatial analysis within the defense and intelligence communities, handling massive image data sets of multiple gigabyte size for rapid visualization and processing. RemoteView also provides intuitive user controls to build seamless virtual mosaics, incorporating hundreds of images for broad-area analysis, and includes tools for vector management, multi- and hyper-spectral analysis, 3D scene visualization, and photogrammetry.

To view the conference agenda and register to attend, visit www.geospatial.overwatch.com or call 703.437.7651. The registration fee is $235 per person, but there is a discounted rate of $775 for organizations that wish to register four attendees. Overwatch Geospatial Operations has reserved a block of rooms for conference participants at the Dulles Embassy Suites.

About Overwatch Geospatial Operations
Overwatch Geospatial Operations, formerly Sensor Systems, is located in Sterling, VA., and is a leading developer of desktop applications for rapid visualization and analysis of high-resolution satellite and airborne imagery. The RemoteView product family provides solutions ranging from simple desktop viewers to sophisticated image analysis, precision positioning, multi-spectral analysis, mapping, vector management, and geospatial intelligence applications running on UNIX and Windows platforms. Current users include government and commercial organizations around the world.

For more information about Overwatch Geospatial Operations and the RemoteView product family, contact the company’s sales staff at 703-437-7651, or visit the company web site at www.overwatch.com.