Sensor Systems Joins Overwatch Systems Group

Sterling, VA., USA, 31 October 2005 – Sensor Systems, the developer of RemoteView geospatial processing software, has joined the Overwatch Systems group of companies. Effective October 1, Sensor Systems changed its name to Overwatch Geospatial Operations and remains headquartered in Sterling, Va.

Overwatch Systems, based in Morristown, N.J., combines the resources of four companies – Sensor Systems, Austin IT Systems, ITSpatial and Federal IT – to provide a suite of integrated geospatial and fusion software tools for the defense/intelligence community called the Overwatch Intelligence Center (OIC). The OIC focuses on providing situational awareness by enabling analysts to generate relevant, actionable intelligence faster and more effectively for the warfighter, first responder and decision maker.

“RemoteView is a key component of the Overwatch Intelligence Center and will be a primary platform for merging sources of intelligence across multiple agencies of government,” said Kirk D. Brown, President and CEO of Overwatch Geospatial Operations. “We are committed to providing the same level of innovation that RemoteView users expect, and we will continue our primary job of evolving the RemoteView product line.”

William R. Craven, Chairman of Overwatch Systems, is enthusiastic about Sensor Systems joining the Overwatch team: “Sensor Systems was critical to the Overwatch strategy because RemoteView provides the fundamental framework for our efforts here at Overwatch to fuse all the various intelligence sources into a single comprehensive picture. The exciting work by the technical team to web-enable RemoteView has accelerated our fusion efforts dramatically and allows our customers to seamlessly access a wide variety of data sources previously not accessible. We can now support the unique needs of urban combat to visualize the battle space and overlay other relevant intelligence which we hope will save the lives of American warfighters. We are proud of the profound new capability we can now offer the U.S. intelligence analyst with RemoteView as part of our team.”

RemoteView is the leading software for imagery visualization and geospatial analysis within the defense intelligence community with a growing customer base in the commercial and foreign government sectors. It handles massive image data sets of multiple gigabyte size for rapid visualization and processing. RemoteView provides intuitive user controls to seamlessly build virtual mosaics incorporating hundreds of images for broad-area analysis, and includes tools for vector management, multi- and hyper-spectral analysis, 3D scene visualization and photogrammetry.

Be sure to visit Overwatch Geospatial Operations in booth #130 at the GeoInt2005 Conference in San Antonio, TX, October 31st to November 2nd to learn more about Overwatch Systems and plans to put Intelligence In Action.

About Overwatch Geospatial Operations
Overwatch Geospatial Operations, formerly Sensor Systems, located in Sterling, VA, is a leading developer of desktop applications for rapid visualization and analysis of high-resolution satellite and airborne imagery. The RemoteView product family provides solutions ranging from simple desktop viewers to sophisticated image analysis, precision positioning, multispectral analysis, mapping, vector management and geospatial intelligence applications running on UNIX and Windows platforms. Current users include government and commercial organizations around the world. For more information about Overwatch and the RemoteView product family, contact our sales staff at (703) 437-7651, or visit

About Overwatch Systems
Headquartered in Morristown, N.J., Overwatch Systems provides a suite of integrated software tools that enable analysts to generate relevant, actionable intelligence faster and more effectively for the warfighter, first responder and policy maker. Using capabilities from the Overwatch Intelligence Center to counter current threats, Overwatch Systems delivers fieldable collection and analysis capabilities in months where the traditional approach is measured in years. Overwatch Systems is focused on providing situational awareness that supports both conventional and asymmetric intelligence analysis.

Overwatch Systems is investing to integrate all of its geospatial and tactical products into the Overwatch Intelligence Center to enhance collaboration, usability, performance and user training. Overwatch Systems develops and markets intelligence analysis products and develops custom intelligence systems as specified by government customers. Overwatch Systems develops multi-band single feed SATCOM systems for DOD/HLS customers and has significant communications experience directly related to satisfying intelligence systems communications requirements.