California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Visits SECO's Redding Plant

SECO Manufacturing Co., Inc., of Redding, California welcomed Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday. The governor, touring the state, appeared on stage with state Senator Tom McClintock and Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa of Richvale, promoting several ballot measures, up for a vote in November’s election.

The governor chose the northern California manufacturer to have a town hall-style meeting because SECO Manufacturing represents a modern business success story in California, according to his staffers. “Having our governor, a respected and well-known figure around the world, choose SECO as a role model for California business is one of the greatest honors I have ever received, and I thank him for that,” said Paul Ogden, SECO’s Chief Executive.

SECO is a family-owned business, with over 100 employees that, through the years, has charted its own course and weathered the difficult and somewhat tumultuous California business climate when many other companies fled the state. In fact, SECO, with its nearly 30 years in the land surveying equipment industry, continues to gain market share and is not intimidated by accelerating changes that now define the global economy. “SECO exports surveying equipment and GPS accessories worldwide and in turn imports revenue that contributes to the wealth and prosperity of our local community,” said Mike Dahl, SECO Vice President.

“Years of hard work and dedication gained the attention of – and a compliment from – our governor. This is a proud moment for SECO and its employees. We have a great team here,” said company president Mark Ogden.

The surprise visit was well received by the SECO sales account managers as well, they were thankful for the recognition. “I’m excited to know that the governor thinks we’re part of what’s right in California,” said Cliff Cannon. “It was an honor to have the governor as our guest here at SECO and hear him commend SECO for its accomplishments,” said Penny Ripley.

Sabine Taylor, International Sales Account Manager was particularly interested in the governor’s discussion of California’s education system. “I just wish he would have been our governor 10 years ago, when my kids were in school, so they could have benefited from the changes he is proposing,” she said.