Topcon® Announces G3™ Technology

Livermore, CA – Topcon proudly announces G3 – a groundbreaking new technology for satellite positioning systems. This pioneer development is the first satellite receiver technology with Universal Signal Tracking, a system capable of tracking all signals from all three satellite positioning systems: GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. Topcon’s G3 technology continues our tradition of being the only precision GPS supplier to provide its users with all available signals today, and now extends that commitment to include all signals into the foreseeable future.

Topcon developed G3 to provide access to 30 Galileo satellites planned for launch by the European Space Agency, and new signals that will result from the modernization of the GPS constellation. Topcon products currently offer GPS+ technology, enabling access to both U.S. GPS and Russian GLONASS satellite systems. When these three satellite systems are fully operational, users of G3 products will have access to over 80 positioning satellites. Access to this wide range of satellites will make expanded applications, unprecedented performance, and unparalleled precision possible.

To process multiple signals from multiple satellite systems, Topcon engineered the new Paradigm-G3™ chip. It is capable of receiving GPS L1, L2 and L5 carrier frequencies; C/A and L2C civilian codes; and P-code on both L1 and L2 frequencies. It also receives GLONASS signals including L1 and L2 carrier frequencies and L1 / L2 C/A and P-codes. The entire Galileo signal structure is supported, including L1, E1, E2, E5, and E6 signals. The advanced design features 72 tracking channels and operates with minimal power consumption.

The new chip will be the basis for a new generation of Topcon GPS+ products and will first appear in the new Net-G3 reference receiver, providing network hardware ready to support all satellite signals for the highest possible service to all networks users into the future. Topcon will also offer this leading-edge technology to an extensive list of OEM partners, including Sauer-Danfoss and Komatsu. Additionally, Javad Navigation Systems has a license to Topcon’s technology that is limited to use in commercial markets outside of the precision markets serviced by Topcon.  A complete description of Topcon’s precision markets can be found at

With the introduction of G3, Topcon continues to take worldwide leadership in developing technologies and products based on satellite positioning.