WhiteStar Launches Geospatial Data Bundling Service for ArcSDE

Lakewood, Colo., 5 October 2005 – WhiteStar Corp. today marked its 15th anniversary by launching a new geospatial data bundling service for users of ESRI ArcSDE software. The service enables clients to tap into the extensive WhiteStar archive of land survey and petroleum-related information, integrate these geospatial files with their own, and make the entire data set accessible across their corporate enterprise via ArcSDE.

“Our data bundling service is designed for organizations that already have a large volume of data in a database like Oracle and want to leverage ArcSDE to add new geospatial data to the enterprise,” said Robert White, President of WhiteStar. “We provide the data, the technical services and consulting to make it happen.”

As part of the offering, clients can select data products from WhiteStar’s National Pipeline Database, National Public Lands Survey, and National Well Location File. WhiteStar technicians then load the data sets into ArcSDE using customized techniques to configure file parameters, feature classes and schemas to ensure the new data integrates with the client’s existing geospatial data.

“The ArcSDE server allows multiple users across the enterprise, using desktop or web-based applications, to access any of the data files, regardless of the total size of the database,” said White.

Serving the geospatial industry for 15 years, WhiteStar has amassed an enormous database of digital information products now offered as “plug-and-play” commercial GIS products. The three products offered as part of the data bundling service include:
• Nationwide Pipeline Database – a database containing location and attribute details for oil, gas and petroleum-product pipelines across the entire United States;

• National Public Land Survey – a digital 1:24,000 land base derived from the USGS topographic map series;

• National Well Location File – location and attribute information for all oil, gas coal-bed methane well heads in the United States, including production records, operator name, and API number.

Clients may purchase data sets in their entirety or by the state, county, or single feature segment. WhiteStar has normalized each data set to eliminate variations in file formatting caused by record-input disparities at the government level. Other data sets will be added to the data bundling services as they become available.

About WhiteStar Corp.
Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, WhiteStar Corp. has supplied digital cartographic data products, services and consulting since 1990 to the oil and gas, pipeline, natural resource, and engineering industries. As a purveyor of geospatial data products, WhiteStar takes a customized approach to every implementation project. The WhiteStar client base now includes more than 1600 companies ranging in size from local consulting firms to integrated multi-national corporations. Learn more at www.whitestar.com.