Leica Geosystems Announces GPS Reference Station Program for Educational and Research Institutions

Leica Geosystems today announced the launch of a new program for the academic and research community to facilitate the introduction of GPS reference station network technology into their teaching curriculum and scientific research activities.

The Affordable Technology for Higher-Education and Non-profit Associations (ATHENA) program is designed to make it easier for universities, colleges, research organizations and The University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO) members to acquire GPS reference station technology.  It provides a formalized discounted purchasing mechanism for bundled packages of GPS reference station hardware and software, including comprehensive training and technical support.

Specific discounted packages consist of various GPS reference station hardware and processing software options.  These options include the new Leica GRX1200 Pro reference station sensor, Leica AT504 choke ring antenna, AX1202 geodetic antenna and educational licenses of the Leica GPS Spider 2.0 reference station networking software. 

Under the ATHENA program, Leica Geosystems is also offering packages enabling users to acquire regular updates of the latest firmware and software features.  Maintenance support and extended warranties are also available.

“It is Leica Geosystems’ belief that this unique ATHENA program will allow the latest GPS reference station technology to become an integral part of the academic and research communities,” said Ryan Keenan, projects engineer for GNSS reference stations and structural monitoring at Leica Geosystems.  “We hope that it will permit future graduates and researchers to be equipped with up-to-date knowledge and understanding of GPS reference station technology, thereby facilitating their use for both teaching and scientific research purposes.”

All hardware products feature Leica Geosystems’ advanced SmartTrack technology, which delivers clean high-accuracy dual-frequency code and phase measurements at rates up to 20 Hz.  The Leica GPS Spider 2.0 software licenses reflect the industry’s leading client/server solution for control and configuration of GPS reference station sensors over various communication media, including the automated provision of real-time correction and datafile products.  Participating institutions in ATHENA will obtain all client/server functionality, allowing more students to have access to advanced reference station software to pursue individualized research.

About Leica Geosystems
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