Thales ProMark™3 Reduces Survey Time by Up to 33% with RT Sub-Meter and PP Centimeter Accuracy

First GPS Survey-GIS Hybrid Lets Surveyors Offer Additional Services to Customers

Santa Clara, Calif. – October 4, 2005 – Building on the unparalleled success of its ProMark2 survey solution, Thales today introduced ProMark3. With ProMark3, surveyors can reduce their field data collection time by up to 33% over competitive offerings, saving critical time and resources that all add up to profitability for surveyors. ProMark3 is also the first GPS survey solution in the industry to offer both centimeter accuracy in post-processing and GIS capabilities in one rugged package.

“ProMark3 is designed for surveyors, and capitalizes on our unique ability to combine performance, precision and ease of use in one turnkey package,” said Francois Erceau, vice president and general manager of Thales’ survey and GIS business unit. “We set the standard in single-frequency GPS surveying and now we’ve added valuable capabilities that will translate to revenue for surveyors.”

Accuracy, Reliability and Speed Surveyors Need
Using the proprietary Prism™ technology from Thales, ProMark3 reduces occupation time and gets surveyors onto the next job faster than ever. Prism technology also allows reliable static, stop & go, and kinematic GPS survey under poor satellite tracking conditions.

ProMark3 provides sub-meter, real-time accuracy using WAAS or EGNOS, centimeter-level accuracy in post-processing, and keeps working even in urban canyons and dense foliage using optimized multi-path mitigation.

GNSS Solutions, which comes bundled with the ProMark3 receiver, includes advanced blunder detection and quality analysis tools to ensure accurate and reliable output. Loop closures, automatic repeat, observation analysis, automatic control analysis, and least-squares adjustments are integral components of GNSS Solutions.

Easiest GPS Surveying Available
ProMark3’s large color touch screen has plenty of room to let surveys complete all survey settings in one screen – no clicking through multiple screens. And ProMark3 follows up ProMark2 as the only one of its kind with an interface that employs Thales’ unique data quality assurance technology, giving critical feedback in real time so surveyors can be confident the data they’re collecting is being collected and stored properly.

That simple interface and full alphanumeric keypad mean a short learning curve for surveyors and ProMark3 easily beat optical instruments in terms of portability and range.

With GNSS Solutions, ProMark3 is a full turnkey solution. The intuitive GNSS interface uses a “wizard” to guide users through planning, processing, quality control, reporting and data exporting.

The innovative Thales approach to presenting survey data in graphical and tabular form makes post-processing simple. Any collection of data can be viewed in different forms through simple drag and drop operations. Importing raster or vector map formats allows surveyors to open background projects and combine them with land survey projects.

ProMark3’s USB port, Bluetooth®, SD-card and long-life rechargeable battery not only make operation easy, but also provide the latest in expandability and functionality.

GIS Capabilities Lets Surveyors Offer More
ProMark3 is a superior survey-GIS system that lets surveyors offer both survey and full GIS, or mapping, data collection services to customers without requiring costly equipment and training investments. With ProMark3 performance and functionalities, surveyors can survey with more efficiency and productivity and create an additional GIS revenue stream for their business.

Backed by powerful office software for easy data display, editing and export, ProMark3 delivers affordable, sub-meter accurate GIS data.
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About Thales
Thales is an international electronics and systems group serving the defense, aerospace, services and security markets. The group employs 61,500 people worldwide and generated revenues of 10 billion euros in 2004.

Thales’ navigation business unit develops and manufactures world leading positioning, navigation and guidance equipment. It markets its Magellan brand GPS solutions in the consumer electronics, recreation, and automotive markets, and its GPS and GNSS professional products in the survey, GIS/Mapping, and OEM markets. Key innovations include the first U.S. commercial hand-held GPS receiver for positioning and navigation, and the first handheld GPS with industry standard Secure Digital Memory Card capabilities. Thales’ navigation business unit is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA and has worldwide operations. For more information, visit