Town of Hilton Head Island, SC Implements Pictometry for GIS Applications

ROCHESTER, NY – September 21, 2005 – Pictometry International Corp., the worldwide leader in digital, aerial oblique imagery and measuring software announced today that the Town of Hilton Head Island, SC is utilizing the company’s aerial imaging database and software. The town has a permanent population approaching 35,000 residents but is visited by over 2.2 million people on an annual basis.

Pictometry’s software enables users access up to 12 different views of any property, building, highway, or other feature in a county in a 3D-like format. The software also allows users to obtain measurements such as distance, height, elevation, and area directly from the oblique imagery as well as insert GIS data and other data. 

Town government agencies including the GIS Department will be using the Pictometry images and software for a number of applications. Some of these applications include:
• Review of Zoning Amendments and Variance requests by the Planning Department
• Analysis of wetlands, vegetation, and land use by the Natural Resources Division
• Viewing and documentation of violation sites by the Code Enforcement officers
• Integration with the hurricane damage assessment process by the Building Codes Department
• Impact analysis of the Town’s Capital Improvement Projects by the Engineering Department
• Development of Highway Improvement Plans and traffic accident site analysis by the Town’s Traffic Engineer
• Training and incident preplanning by the Fire and Rescue Department

In addition, the Fire and Rescue Department plans to become a beta test site for integration of Pictometry with its Computer Aided Dispatch system. "The Pictometry imagery and software have proved to be beneficial to almost all of our departments," said Rich Hamilton, GIS administrator for the Town of Hilton Head. "The ease of use of the software has enabled it to become a valuable tool to a wide variety of our users and new applications for it are continually being discovered."

About Pictometry
Pictometry International is a rapidly growing software company that provides visual information systems. The company’s patented imaging process captures georeferenced, high-resolution oblique (at an angle – natural view) and orthogonal (straight down) digital images of counties and states. Combined with the company’s interactive software solution, users can see everywhere, measure anything, and plan everything. The company has a growing customer base exceeding 100 counties, the State of Massachusetts, federal government organizations, as well as private business users. Major metropolitan areas using Pictometry include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Applications include 9-1-1, appraisers, assessors, emergency management agencies, engineering, financial institutions, fire departments, GIS, homeland security, insurance, law enforcement, planning officials, real estate, and transportation. Pictometry is a second order visualization tool that does not produce authoritative or definitive information (surveying) from its aerial images. For more information on Pictometry, visit