Leica MobileMatriX Becomes a NAGCS Certified Applicant

GIS Software Package Meets Criteria for Certification by National Association of Geo-Centric Software

Leica Geosystems announced today that Leica MobileMatriX successfully met the criteria for becoming a National Association of GIS-Centric Software (NAGCS) certified application. NAGCS certification distinguishes Leica MobileMatriX as an authorized GIS-Centric solution for mobile field data collection.

Leica MobileMatriX is an innovative field solution that extends the ArcGIS environment for the interactive processing, visualization and maintenance of survey data collected with GPS sensors and total stations. Leica MobileMatriX collects and manages spatial information within the ESRI geodatabase and dynamically links feature classes to field measurements for creating and updating maps, plans and enterprise databases. It also provides the means for simple point navigation and engineering design construction, as well as geo-rectification of imagery from field measurements.

Leica MobileMatriX is available as an add-on to ArcGIS 9 and in two stand-alone editions, the Standard and Professional. The Standard Edition, based on ArcView, is ideal for common data collection tasks, which are performed through ESRI’s ArcMap interface using tools designed by Leica Geosystems. The Professional Edition, based on ArcEditor, expands the capability of the Standard Edition to support disconnected editing for customers maintaining an Enterprise GIS.

Leica MobileMatriX is Internet-enabled with a direct connection to the Geography Network and can be configured to connect to any IMS or FTP server for retrieving GIS data. The system can also be customized using any COM language such as C++ or Visual Basic.

“This certification sets Leica Geosystems’ new field data collection software apart as a true GIS-centric application,” says Johannes Hotz, product manager for Leica MobileMatriX. “With Leica MobileMatriX, our customers now have the ideal field software for combining an Enterprise GIS with total stations and GPS sensors.“

The National Association of GIS-Centric Software systems providers was founded to distinguish the unique characteristics and capabilities of GIS-based solutions and GIS data in applications built for business processes. The group is dedicated to furthering the development of GIS-centric software for all industries, encouraging the use of GIS-based enterprise systems and distinguishing the benefits of GIS-centric capabilities. For more information, visit NAGCS at www.nagcs.org.

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