Leica Geosystems Showcases Machine Automation Technology for Construction Industry at Open House

Company Opens New Center of Excellence in Grand Rapids

Leica Geosystems recently hosted an Open House to showcase the latest development in machine automation and other construction industry products. The Open House took place August 17-18, 2005, at a demonstration area in Grand Rapids, Mich.

“The primary goal of this Open House was for operators, contractors and distributors to experience first-hand how control systems from Leica Geosystems can make their jobs easier, save on materials and increase productivity, all contributing directly to the bottom line,” said Bob Flynn, machine automation product marketing manager for Leica Geosystems.

Leica Geosystems has opened a new Center of Excellence for machine automation and other construction products in Grand Rapids. The new 23,000 sq. ft. facility is staffed by more than 40 employees.

“Several exciting new machine automation product releases were featured at the Open House, including the new MC1200 1D/2D machine control system and the fifth-generation version of the GradeStar 3D control system,” said Flynn. “We also gave demonstrations of the proven Pro-Control 2D automatic machine control system, MC200 Digger excavator control system and Basic Hydraulic 2D laser elevation control system.”

The all-new MC1200 utilizes ultra-sonic and electronic sensors to control a motor grader’s moldboard to the exact elevation, slope and roll without leaving the cab. It includes Leica Geosystems’ patented side-shift feature that follows the string line, curb or last pass, resulting in fewer passes and increased production.

The new GradeStar V5.0 is a fifth-generation system that provides 3D control for graders and dozers. The new version is based on the industry-standard Controller Area Network and utilizes the WinXP operating system. It features a new consolidated sensor module, which serves as a central communication hub between positioning sensors and GradeStar interface. It can work with Leica total stations or GPS positioning sensors for maximum flexibility and unmatched grade accuracy.

Pro-Control is a proven performer for 2D automatic control of dozers, graders and other machines, using a laser as the base reference for precise elevation control when 3D modeling is not required. The MC200 Digger allows excavator operators to stay in the cab and dig to a precise depth simply by observing the LCD panel that displays every move of the bucket and gives a digital readout. Basic Hydraulic is a simple laser-based system for 2D elevation control of most earthmoving machines.

“Selecting Grand Rapids as the Americas’ Region Center of Excellence for the construction segment, including machine automation, was a natural choice,” said Bob Williams, president of Leica Geosystems, Inc. “The history of our Grand Rapids operation dates back to the 1960s, and it has remained the primary location for our construction segment expertise and operations in the Americas’ Region ever since. This Center of Excellence, which includes research and development, product management and marketing, and service and support, is staffed with skilled and knowledgeable employees dedicated exclusively to the needs of our customers, and ultimately their customers.”

“The Machine Automation Open House in Grand Rapids featured the latest 2D and 3D control systems, providing simpler solutions to more complex problems,” said Williams. “This offering continues the long-term commitment of Leica Geosystems to provide high-quality hardware and innovative software applications, while helping us to reach new levels as a solutions provider in the industry.”

About Leica Geosystems
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