Prosurv Announces Prosurv Imaging™ Version 3.1

Prosurv LLC is proud to announce the release of Prosurv Imaging™ Version 3.1.  Creates .tfw GeoReference files for Supplemental Images by referencing a Primary Image.  Automatically computes the Rotation, X Scale, Y Scale, and Upper Left Corner coordinates for the .tfw World file, simply by clicking on similar features of two different images.

Prosurv Imaging is PC software for viewing, printing, and manipulating GeoReferenced topo maps and any images in .tif or .jpg formats.  Prosurv Imaging is also the companion software of Prosurv Pocket Quads.NET and is used to process maps for use with Pocket Quads.NET.  Prosurv Imaging version 3.1 contains powerful new features that allow the user to view two separate images at the same time.  The first, or Primary Image is a normal GeoReferenced image, such as a Topo map.  The second, or Supplemental Image can be any non-GeoReferenced image, such as a scanned document, photo, or other digital map or image.  The software then allows the user to place two or three "tacks" on each image that represent the same locations, such as an intersection of two roads, section corners, buildings, or other similar objects.  After placing the tacks, Prosurv Imaging computes x and y scales and the upper left corner coordinate for the second map.  The user can then save the GeoReference information as a new .tfw (World) file, simply by pressing Ctrl-W or by selecting Save World File from the menu.

Version 3.1 allows the user to Scan Images directly into Prosurv Imaging.  The image can then be Rotated, Clipped, and Saved.  Typically, a scanned document will need to be rotated, in order to match the Primary Image and create a GeoReference file.  This Rotation is easily performed by defining a reference line in the Primary and Supplemental Images.  Once the second image is GeoReferenced, it can be opened by Prosurv Imaging as the Primary Image, allowing the user to perform any function within Prosurv Imaging, such as processing the map for use with Pocket Quads.NET.  Since the image is now fully GeoReferenced, it can also be used with other software requiring a GeoReferenced image.

Other new functionality in Prosurv Imaging include new Pan and Zoom Area buttons, and the ability to view the two images side by side either Split Horizontally or Split Vertically.  The new version also allows the user to store up to 10 different views of each image.  Each view stores the current zoom and scroll location.  This allows the user to instantly navigate between different parts of the map, and at different zooms.  It is extremely useful when placing the tacks on the maps in order to generate the GeoReference data for the second image.

Prosurv Imaging is available with Pocket Quads.NET for only $199, but may be purchased separately for just $119.  A special user’s guide has been created for Version 3.1, and can be downloaded at the Prosurv web site.

Prosurv LLC manufactures and distributes cutting-edge software for Surveyors and the GIS industry. Other software by Prosurv LLC include Prosurv cEZ.NET™ Data Collection and Prosurv Pocket WorldCon™ Coordinate and Lat/Long conversion software.  Downloads of Prosurv software are available at or call Prosurv LLC Toll-free at 888-647-9500.