DeLorme Announces the Release of Street Atlas USA® 2006

Street Atlas USA® 2006 Product Suite Delivers Advanced Mapping, Routing, and GPS Capabilities to Maximize the Power of Today’s Laptop PCs and PDAs

YARMOUTH, Maine-With the release of its new STREET ATLAS USA 2006 software suite, digital mapping pacesetter DeLorme continues to lead the way in both data accuracy and up-to-date travel technology.

Each of the titles in the 2006 product suite-Street Atlas USA 2006, Street Atlas USA 2006 Plus DVD, and Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld-has been engineered to meet the demands of today’s advanced digital map users.

"The mobile mapping trend continues to expand with more and more consumers now equipped with laptops, handheld computers, mobile phones, and GPS receivers," said DeLorme Marketing Director Caleb Mason. "The demand for GPS capabilities means maps and points of interest must be more accurate than ever."

Ongoing Commitment to Accurate Map Data
The data revisions include more than 268,000 additional roads, with a special emphasis on populous and fast-growing areas. In addition, Street Atlas USA’s market-leading four million points of interest (POIs) have been augmented with GPS-accurate location data supplied by over 90 national lodging, restaurant, gasoline, and retail chains.

"The heart of any map product is data," emphasized Mason. "DeLorme is alone among major map software publishers and online mapping sites in that we maintain our own proprietary database. DeLorme’s proprietary approach gives us the freedom to update our data and review, fact-check, and include where we can customer-provided revisions."

New Features Maximize Productivity and Ease of Use
In addition to the data upgrades, Street Atlas USA 2006 and Street Atlas USA 2006 Plus DVD both offer a wealth of new features, including:

• EZ-Nav toolbar for easy, top-of-the-screen access to the program’s key functions, including routing, GPS navigation, customization, shortcut key settings, and Web-based map sharing
• Options Window for setting map, voice, and GPS preferences in one convenient place
• Avoid Routing-use draw tools to easily block out large areas you prefer to bypass
• MapShare(tm)-post maps and directions online with a unique URL for secure access by family, friends, colleagues, and clients
• Address Book-import, locate, and route to and from your contact manager listings; easily add other people or locations, with any name you choose (e.g., My Office, Civic Arena)
• Auto Zoom on upcoming turns when tracking with GPS – especially useful for multiple-turn scenarios and complex intersections
• User-Defined Settings for GPS voice turn-alert timing
• User-Defined Keyboard Shortcuts for GPS-centric functions and in-vehicle laptop use
• New GPS Log Playback Detail and Trip Previews
• Rest Area and Exit Symbols enlarged for improved visibility
• Enlarged Fonts when the Route tab is expanded- ideal for high-resolution laptop usage

Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld also includes the updated road and POI data and its routing engine is faster than ever. In addition, it now supports Windows Mobile PDAs and phones as well as high- resolution Pocket PCs (480 x 640) and hot synching maps to a Palm OS external media card.

New Features Are Just Part of the Story
While the new capabilities in the Street Atlas USA 2006 product suite are truly significant from a user standpoint, it’s also important to mention many of the other useful DeLorme features, including (Regular and Plus versions):

• Voice navigation when navigating with Earthmate® GPS LT-20-users can issue spoken commands and receive spoken prompts for turns and stops
• Exclusive routing on user-added local roads
• Exclusive high-contrast map settings to overcome in-vehicle glare (also on Handheld)
• Exclusive GPS Radar searches for locating travel services by distance from your GPS position when you’re on the road
• Exclusive Back-on-Track automatic re-routing while GPS tracking when detours or unplanned side trips take you off your established route (also on Handheld)
• Next-Turn and Turn-After-large arrows with large-text directions showing time and distance to your next turn(s)
• Primary and Secondary Canadian roads (also on Handheld)
• Easy, flexible print options including mosaic mural mapping
• Back to Previous Map option-up to 256 refreshes (also on Handheld)

(Handheld version):
• Pre-cut maps for cities and towns large and small
• Voice prompts with Pocket PC and  Palm OS 5.2 or higher
• Use a contact (on Pocket PC) or Address Book entry (on Palm) as a tracking target and/or route start/stop/finish
• Select street-level or regional-road detail settings (the former ideal for in-city navigation, the latter for on-the-road travel) or pick exactly the area you want to hot synch
• Multiple waypoint display options-select from eight symbol styles and colors
Digital Mapping’s Pioneer Is Still the Leader in Innovation and Quality
DeLorme pioneered digital mapping for consumers with its initial release of the first Street Atlas USA in the early 1990s. Since then, the company has remained atop the field with an unmatched record of innovation and a devotion to accurate, up-to-date detail.
"We pride ourselves on consistently being first-to-market with the kind of useful features that make travel planning and GPS navigation easy and worry-free," said Mason.

Street Atlas USA 2006 with DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT-20 for under $100
DeLorme also pioneered the development of GPS receivers for use with laptop computers. The newest model, the EARTHMATE GPS LT-20 requires no batteries, drawing the minimal power required from the USB port of a laptop PC. Earthmate includes Street Atlas USA 2006 software, and retails for only $99.95.

Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld users can rely on the wireless EARTHMATE BLUE LOGGER(tm) GPS for use with Bluetooth-enabled PDAs. This device can also log up to 50,000 data points utilizing its built-in memory and sells for just $149.95, including Street Atlas USA 2006 Handheld.
Product Availability
All titles in the Street Atlas USA 2006 software suite are available at computer retail stores or direct from DeLorme. Customers can purchase directly from DeLorme at or from a Sales Representative at 800-561-5105. Street Atlas USA 2006 software runs on Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and XP.