Sonarmite Ported to Trimble TSce Controller

Ohmex have ported the SonarMite echo sounder software to the popular Trimble TSce controller and data collector. Designed for use in extreme conditions this rugged and adaptable handheld unit is used in conjuction with a wide range of Trimble GPS and optical sensors including the R7/R8 GPS receivers, 5700/5800 GPS receivers and the 3600/5600 total stations.

The TSCe controller comes standard with 512 MB of CompactFlash memory, a full alphanumeric keyboard and the Windows operating system, The color touch screen display is clearly readable in a wide range of field conditions, reflective LCD technology making it easy to read even in bright sunlight conditions. Addition of a Trimble BlueCap module provides BluetoothR wireless communication with the SonarMite and other Bluetooth enabled Trimble GPS receivers.

Available in English, Spanish and German the SonarMite software provides a complete hydrographic package for datalogging and display facilities for the SonarMite echo sounder used with a wide range of positioning devices. Special software features included in this version of the SonarMite software include a parser to work with positions generated by the ATS range of robotic total stations used in machine control and automated construction applications.