EarthData Showcases New Decision-support Tool

SIMmetry Solutions Technology Demonstration Featured at ESRI Annual Conference

Frederick, MD (July 25, 2005) – EarthData’s SIMmetry solution for port management was unveiled today during the plenary session at the ESRI International User Conference (San Diego, CA), the largest annual gathering of GIS professionals. Combining web-based GIS analysis with visualization technologies, the prototype tool, developed for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Coastal Services Center (NOAA CSC), supports environmental and operations management, security monitoring, and emergency response.

Based on EarthData’s SIMmetry system architecture, the prototype decision-support tool offers 2D GIS fully synchronized with 3D thematic mapping; query and analysis capabilities; and analytical modeling. Context-driven queries and data views were created for specific user groups including environmental, property, and port operations managers, as well as security, marine, and emergency response personnel. These custom queries and views allow users from different disciplines to explore the same data in ways specific to their applications. The entire tool including a relational database, resides on dedicated SIMmetry servers which allow authorized users to interact with the system through a secure web browser.

“The prototype integrates ESRI’s ArcGIS and ArcGIS Server with EarthData’s customized SIMmetry technology, making it especially exciting to unveil this new tool at the annual ESRI conference before an audience of over 10,000 members of the GIS community,” explains EarthData CEO, Anne Hale Miglarese.

The SIMmetry system, powered by ESRI’s ArcGIS Server and ArcSDE along with EarthData’s integration of 3D rendering and time-series models, demonstrates the power of web-based GIS analysis and visualization technologies for situational awareness for day-to-operations, security monitoring, and emergency response.

About EarthData
EarthData is an airborne data collection, mapping, and GIS services organization that provides clients with customized products, services, and GIS applications to support a wide range of land-use, resource management, and engineering activities. With its fleet of aircraft, the organization collects aerial photography, uses an airborne laser system (lidar) and imaging radar (GeoSAR) to produce 3D terrain models, and develops or deploys other remote sensing technologies to detect thermal and multispectral information about the earth’s surface. EarthData offices in Florida, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, and Washington, DC, use this data to create and supply photogrammetric, lidar, radar, and digital orthophoto mapping and GIS applications and services. EarthData also owns a mid-west mapping and GIS company, Horizons, Inc., with offices in South Dakota and Minnesota. (