AMI Bringing a World of Information to City of St. Marys Municipalities Through GIS Technology

St. Marys, GA — July 18, 2005 — Applied Mapping, Inc. (AMI) is hard at work mapping out St. Marys to modernize the city with its own comprehensive geographic information system (GIS). The system, designed to offer a visual inventory of the area, will serve as a vital decision-making resource for local municipalities.

For the past year, AMI’s technical teams have been conducting on-going fieldwork, as well as data collection, evaluation and input, to customize the GIS to provide accurate and current information about St. Marys’ infrastructure. Once this data is collected, the new GIS will be used to analyze and disseminate it from a geographic perspective.

According to AMI, this technology is an important aspect of a government’s overall information system framework. Current government statistics for St. Marys reflect a population of nearly 14,000 within 20.29 square miles.

“GIS enables our city officials to make the best decisions possible for the well-being of our citizens,” said Greg Clary, founder and president of Applied Mapping, Inc. “These decisions affect a town’s asset and inventory management, emergency response, economic development, various aspects of real estate and much more. GIS is a fundamental tool used in making the decisions that shape how we live now and in the future. Our goal is to provide St. Marys the means to achieve a fully integrated GIS.”

Having already completed a successful pilot program for the downtown area, AMI has worked throughout the year mapping St. Marys. The city will be better prepared for compliance with GASB34 — the most recent initiative affecting the Governmental Accounting Standards Board’s Statement Number 34. This statement outlines important financial reporting requirements for state and local governments.

Since 1999, GASB34 has made the process of accounting for a city’s infrastructure much easier. Through a modified approach using GIS technology, the City of St. Marys will be better able to plan its budget process; report and maintain assets; provide valuable citizen services; track crime; evaluate land conditions; offer improved fire and rescue response, and much more. 

“GIS technology provides a wealth of visual information pertinent to successfully managing the day-to-day operations of a city,” Clary said. “This information is used to keep the city well-maintained, and the citizens safe, secure and well-informed. It’s an investment in everyone’s future that is absolutely worth making.”

Since 1997, Applied Mapping, Inc. (AMI) has been dedicated to offering comprehensive data management services and a variety of customized software products and services. Through the implementation of cutting-edge geographic information system (GIS) technology and the application of the geo-spatial sciences, AMI saves clients valuable time and money, giving them a distinct advantage in their overall management processes and decision making.

AMI’s team of technical professionals is highly skilled in bringing clients a new world of information to visually market and sell products and services with positive results. The company specializes in: Political, Demographic and Asset Mapping; GIS Development and Consulting; Facilities and Property Management; Real Estate Mapping; Fire & Rescue and Crime Mapping; Consulting, Product Sales and Software Program Training.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, AMI’s St. Marys office is located at 115 Industrial Drive, Suite E. AMI is a wholly owned subsidiary of Clary & Associates, Inc., the industry leader for professional surveying and mapping services. For information about AMI, please call (904) 292-2001 or visit online at