Spatial Data Technologies Releases CartoPac 1.5, Is Awarded Patent for Graphics Performance

Fort Collins, CO (July 15, 2005) – Spatial Data Technologies (SDT) announced today the release of CartoPac version 1.5.  SDT has also been awarded a U.S. patent for the CartoPac graphics speed and performance on mobile devices.

CartoPac software is a complete mobile mapping software solution for customizing mobile mapping and data collection applications.  CartoPac 1.5 introduces a variety of new features including increased navigation functionality with compass display, GPS constellation and signal strength display, DGPS signal indicator, laser range finder support and auto-save options for projects on the mobile device.  The new and improved navigation feature allows for the compass display to be viewed on the same screen as the map display.  There is also a Goto coordinate function that assists the user in navigating to a specific feature while showing the bearing, distance, speed and estimated time of arrival for the feature.

The CartoPac graphics performance which earned U.S. patent protection includes a 30X speed advantage over other products on the market for mobile mapping and data collection.  The patented raster compression algorithm is applied to background imagery upon download from the desktop to the mobile device.  The compression also allows for a much greater amount of imagery to be stored on the mobile device.

About Spatial Data Technologies 
Since 2001, Spatial Data Technologies (SDT) has delivered fully integrated software tools for developing, managing and distributing custom mobile mapping and data collection solutions.  Their CartoPac, CartoPac Forms Builder and GPS Post-Processing products manage many of the complexities found in traditional GIS/GPS applications behind the scenes to deliver faster, easier, more productive solutions to a much broader range of data users.