New Version of Trimble GPSNet Software Adds Features for Network RTK Surveying

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 14, 2005 – Trimble (NASDAQ:TRMB) today introduced a new version of its GPSNet™ software, which is designed to connect multiple Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers in a reference station network. The Trimble GPSNet version 2.4 software package is ideal for a range of positioning applications including surveying, engineering, construction and GIS data collection. The enhanced version offers a variety of new features that bring additional functionality and reliability to GPS network operators.

As part of Trimble’s scalable infrastructure solution, GPSNet software expands the geographic territory covered and enables a single administrator to operate an unlimited number of reference stations and rover receivers in a network. Using GPSNet software, system administrators can establish and control a network of fixed reference stations to provide RTK corrections or postprocessed data for their area of operation—whether it is a city, county, state or country. Fixed reference station networks are typically continuously available and eliminate the need to set up a temporary base station for each project—saving users time and money.

GPSNet version 2.4 software key features include:

• RINEX Shop: GPSNet 2.4 software’s new RINEX shop is a Web-based application allowing field users easy access to post processing files through a simple interface. System operators gain increased storage capacity through the use of compact RINEX data storage. In addition, system operators can also have information on field users who access the system, their data needs and usage times.

• NTRIP Client: At the server level, the software’s integrated NTRIP Client is an enhancement for IT security professionals who can now configure systems where multiple individual data streams require only one TCP port.

• Redundant Communications: For Continuous Operating Reference Station (CORS) to server data connections, higher levels of system up-time and efficiency are gained through GPSNet 2.4’s redundant communications methodology. When using the Trimble NetRS® CORS receiver, a system can be configured to default to a primary communications line such as a WAN. Should the WAN fail, the CORS system can automatically switch to a backup network or phone-line connection. When primary communication is restored, the GPSNet system automatically senses its repair and switches back to the primary network connection.

• Enhanced sensors and alarming: By integrating the internal voltage and temperature sensors of the Trimble NetRS, Trimble 5700 CORS and Trimble R7 GPS system, owners can monitor the health of their GPS receivers through the GPSNet 2.4 software. Alarm modules in GPSNet 2.4 automatically alert system owners of out-of-tolerance temperatures and voltages. This enhancement allows GPS users to work more effectively in environmentally challenged locations.

In addition to offering new features, GPSNet version 2.4 software provides archiving capabilities and true FTP mirroring, providing the ability to upload and delete postprocessed files from remote systems.

Trimble’s GPSNet 2.4 software is available now through Trimble’s Engineering and Construction Division dealer network.

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