3D Satellite Imagery available for Earthmate GPS Receivers

Digital Satellite and Elevation Data for use with DeLorme XMap Technology

Yarmouth, ME: With the new release of TopoWorld 3D satellite imagery from Earthmate.com, users can unplug from the internet and map or GPS track on top of remotely sensed data, available world-wide. TopoWorld data is a double layer of Landsat7 satellite imagery and SRTM elevation data, available in regional blocks for an affordable price. These datasets are designed to run in DeLorme’s XMap mapping software, which includes a world-wide vector dataset and GPS functionality.

DeLorme mapping software with TopoWorld 3D satellite data makes using Landsat7 and SRTM data sources easy and intuitive. Data comes on a DVD, and the user has no need to worry about format or projections; everything is ready to go. Within the XMap environment, one can view in 3D controlling pitch and rotation, as well as check the profile of a route. GPS functionality comes with all versions of XMap, permitting the users to visualize their travels on the imagery as they track, as well as playback GPS logfiles in movie-mode.

For novice users who are interested in trying satellite imagery or GPS worldwide, the new XMap International is an affordable solution. This is the simplest version of XMap, and comes with a block of the TopoWorld 3D data, as well as the included world-wide vector (line-map) dataset. XMap International can be purchased bundled with the new LT20 GPS receiver, which plugs into the USB port of the laptop for no-hassles navigation and tracking.

Landsat7 satellite imagery is a 14.25 meter resolution dataset, in which major roads and features are visible, that was collected by NASA in the year 2000 timeframe. The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) elevation data is created from a 90 meter posting dataset, visible as contours or 3D features in XMap. TopoWorld data combines these two sources into an easy-to-use format. Regional blocks are available for $25 apiece, and cover 300,000 square kilometers or more.

For more information, please visit www.earthmate.com