PBS&J Teams with ITspatial in Homeland Security Mentor-Protege Program

Partnership to Deliver an Advanced Homeland Security Tool Kit to Federal, State & Local Responders

Beltsville, MD – Emergency first-responders in the United States are closer to accessing the same kinds of sophisticated three-dimensional maps and visualization tools formerly only available to the U.S. Defense and Intelligence agencies. First responders will be able to access contextual intelligent 3D Maps (i3DM™) of major urban areas to evaluate risks and appropriate responses to a number of disaster scenarios.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is supporting the deployment of the InterSCOPE® Public Safety Toolkit (PSTK) through the recent formal approval of a mentor-protégé relationship between PBS&J, the nation’s 21st largest multi-disciplinary engineering firm, and ITspatial, Inc., an information technology provider focused on homeland security solutions. The DHS mentor-protégé program fosters partnering between prime contractors and smaller firms to increase business opportunities through mutually beneficial relationships.

PBS&J’s Risk and Emergency Management Division has long been a leader in helping local communities and states recover from natural and man-made disasters. PBS&J is also nationally recognized as a foremost authority on risk analysis, crisis planning, damage reduction, and geographical information systems (GIS) applied to homeland security and disaster relief.

ITspatial has developed InterSCOPE PSTK, a horizontal IT systems integration platform that features real-time, interactive 3D mapping. InterSCOPE, essentially, replaces traditional, self-contained information displays with intelligent 3D maps and visualizations integrated with live and archived data sources such as digital video, asset tracking, and analytical systems. Emerging situations can be updated in real time to track people, equipment, and the threat/hazard throughout the response and recovery period. Additionally, the tool opens new opportunities for using virtual environments and smart maps in support of training and exercises for Homeland Security and Homeland Defense.  As a result of this type of functionality, InterSCOPE PSTK is an application for communities to use in support of the National Preparedness Goal.

According to Scott Lawson, Vice President and Manager for the Risk and Emergency Management Division of PBS&J the selection of ITspatial as a protégé was not by chance. “We’ve been very impressed with their advanced technology and deployment with demonstrated performance in key accounts including homeland security, defense, and intelligence agencies.” 

One of the primary goals of this mentoring partnership will be to enable both firms to bring this powerful tool to the cities, counties, and states that need it most. Through the mentor-protégé relationship, ITspatial will have access to PBS&J’s multidisciplinary staff and national resources.

“ITspatial is delighted to have been selected as the DHS protégé firm by PBS&J,” said Christopher Nunno, Vice President of Sales & Business Development at ITspatial. “With PBS&J’s developmental assistance and national resources, ITspatial will make great strides under this program. There is strong synergy between our firms and we are looking forward to many successful teaming opportunities.”     

“All in all, the mentor-protégé program is a win-win situation and a true strategic alliance between partners looking at a long-term commitment,” added PBS&J’s Lawson. “Both of our companies will grow as we leverage one another’s strengths to provide markets with enhanced capabilities.”

About PBS&J: 
This year, PBS&J (www.pbsj.com) celebrates its 45th year of continuous growth and success in meeting the challenging planning, environmental, engineering, architecture, construction management, and program management needs of its clients. Over the past decades, PBS&J has expanded from a small Southeast-based engineering firm to a nationwide leader in the civil, construction, environmental, and transportation markets. The employee-owned firm is ranked by Engineering News-Record as 21st among the nation’s top consulting firms. PBS&J has 3,600 employees and 70 offices located throughout the U.S. and abroad.

About ITspatial:
ITspatial, Inc. (www.ITspatial.com) is a leading provider of domain awareness, collaboration, and information sharing products and services for the homeland security, defense, and intelligence markets. ITspatial’s intelligent 3D maps increase the ability to protect critical infrastructure, improve decision-making and enhance mission survivability. ITspatial’s InterSCOPE Public Safety Tool Kit is deployed and operational in some of the nation’s most critical facilities such as the Washington, DC Joint Operations Command Center, The Department of Homeland Security’s Operations Center (HSOC), and various US Intelligence agencies.