COMPUneering Releases SimuTerra, Version 1.1

COMPUneering Releases SimuTerra, Version 1.1, Its Newest Digital Terrain Modeling Program for Macintosh and Windows

May 31, 2005 – Toronto, Canada – COMPUneering Inc. has just released SimuTerra(TM) for both Macintosh(R) and Windows(R).

SimuTerra, version 1.1, is COMPUneering’s newest Digital Terrain Modeling program for architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects and other AEC and design professionals.

Compatible with 3D modeling and CAD programs, SimuTerra can import data, create a terrain model, and export the final surface in a total of three steps.

With SimuTerra, a design professional can take raw topographic data, manipulate the data while viewing the resulting digital terrain model (DTM) in real time (in both 2D and 3D), and then export the DTM for use in a 3D modeling or CAD program.

“Users of 3D modeling and CAD programs find that SimuTerra fills a void in their workflow” said civil engineer Erez Anzel, COMPUneering Inc. president. “SimuTerra is proving itself to be a tremendous time- and money-saver.”

"The price vs. performance is incredible. This really will save us a good deal of time, and I’m sure we will start showing more ‘real grading’ on our models, as opposed to the theoretical flat plane. Thanks again for creating such an easy-to-use and powerful piece of software…" (Patrick Hoesly,

"…SimuTerra … contains the complexity needed to create contours for difficult terrain; [to create] existing and proposed [surfaces] with input from text files; and [to create] output ranging from dynamic 3D for modeling to contour maps for construction drawings."
(from Christopher A. Brown, Hoffman Engineering, Santa Barbara CA)

Landscape architects, architects, surveyors, and others will appreciate the ease of use and multiple options in this standalone program. It can work as a design tool in its own right, or serve as a utility for other programs such as AutoCAD(R) and SketchUp(R).

• SimuTerra Pro costs US$200: it includes all the features of the program, including both Proposed DTM’s and Cut & Fill DTM’s. The effect of design elements, such as roads and building pads, can be seen on the terrain.

• SimuTerra Standard costs US$100: it has the same features as SimuTerra Pro, except that it does not create a Proposed DTM or a Cut & Fill DTM.

• There is a free trial version of SimuTerra at the company’s web site,, along with movie clips and screen shots.

COMPUneering Inc.: A small company that prides itself on listening to its users, COMPUneering Inc. has been writing software for the AEC industry since 1985.

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