Pixia Corp. Forms Pixia Federal Inc. to Serve Government Markets

STERLING, VA., 10 May 2005 – Pixia Corp., a leading provider of rapid image access technology, today announced the formation of Pixia Federal, Inc., a subsidiary headquartered near Fort Meade, Md. Using Pixia’s revolutionary software capability, Pixia Federal develops groundbreaking solutions for the Department of Defense (DoD), Combatant Commands, and Intelligence Community (IC).

Pixia Corp., based in Sterling, Va., has developed transformational digital imaging technology, enabling real-time access, display, and roaming of massive high-resolution imagery and video. The core component of this technology is the nui™ raster structure. The nui™ structure provides significant performance and scalability advantages, showing no degradation in retrieval speed even when files reach terabytes in size. The technology is not dependant on compression. Pixia believes that while compression serves an important role when moving data through limited bandwidth environments, it is not the solution to all problems. nui™ software enables uncompressed data to be stored on servers and disseminated via standard (JPEG2000) compression.

“Pixia is excited to focus on the Federal market, where there is a critical need to make imagery and maps instantly and readily available,” said Rudi Ernst, Co-founder and CEO of Pixia Corp. “With Pixia Federal servicing the Federal market, Pixia Corp. will continue to focus on innovating and further developing the core technology.”

Pixia Federal capitalizes on existing geospatial technologies and COTS products to provide best of breed turnkey solutions. Pixia Federal’s key advantage is the ability to provide cost effective, standards-based modular and scalable solutions that provide analysts and warfighters the ability to make time critical, intelligent decisions.

“Pixia Federal offers real-time situational awareness to planners and warfighters by seamlessly fusing information from disparate sources,” said Phoebe Allen, President & CEO of Pixia Federal. “Leveraging the power of nui™ technology, our solutions facilitate dynamic information sharing in complex environments.”

About Pixia Corp.
Pixia Corp. has been committed to developing rapid image access technologies since 1999. Pixia’s core technology is the nui™ file structure, which allows for instant access of large media files on generic storage devices such as disk drives, RAID storage, and DVDs. Pixia has enabled JPEG-2000 compression for bandwidth-constrained environments. Pixia is currently focusing on the Federal Market, where the need for high performance digital imaging is the greatest. Pixia believes that its revolutionary technology will induce a paradigm shift in the fields of medical imaging, gaming, and digital art.

Patrick Ernst, Pixia Corp.

Tara Byrnes, Pixia Federal, Inc.