Topcon® Introduces Reflectorless Total Station with Wireless Capabilities

Livermore, CA – Topcon proudly introduces the new GPT-3000LW to its line of premier survey instruments. The GPT-3000LW is the first in its class to combine long prismless measurements – up to 1200 meters – with wireless communication. Previously impossible measurements of any target within a range of 300 meters can now be easily achieved with this new reflectorless total station. Bluetooth™ technology enables wireless communications with field computers, eliminating field production delays caused by broken or forgotten cables.

Reflectorless measurement requires a finely focused beam for pinpoint accuracy. Measurement using a prism needs a wider pattern to prevent off-center measuring degradation. Topcon’s dual-optical system gives you both for maximum measuring accuracy all the time, even in adverse atmospheric conditions such as heat shimmer. "Pulse" technology enables the laser to discern between near objects and the distant target, providing accurate measurement in proximity to building corners or through chain link fences. For maximum safety in populated and high-traffic areas, The GPT-3000LW uses a Class 1 spot beam laser.

To meet your specific survey needs, the GPT-3000 series is available in 2, 3, 5, and 7 arc second models. The GPT-3000L offers the same advanced features without the wireless option. No matter which options you choose, the GPT-3000 series will advance you to the next level of precision measurement.

More information can be found at Topcon’s website: Contact your Topcon survey dealer for option and purchase information.