Topcon® Announces New HiPer XT™ GPS System

Livermore, CA – Topcon, worldwide leader in precision positioning technology, proudly announces the HiPer XT – an all-new GPS system for land surveying and construction layout applications. This system features fully integrated receiver / antenna units with a Topcon Positioning Systems long range UHF radio for up to four mile coverage.

The HiPer XT is based on Topcon’s new 112GT GPS system board featuring faster processing, improved multipath mitigation, enhanced power management and up to 128 MGb of on board RAM.
It incorporates dual-frequency, dual-constellation RTK GPS+ tracking enabling access to both GPS and GLONASS satellites. The result is less downtime due to limited satellite access or obstructed sky views, and increased precision.

Other features of the HiPer XT include an optional integrated external SIM card slot that offers the user a choice of cellular communication services. Integrated Bluetooth™ technology enables cable-free wireless communication with field computers. Receiver / antenna units are user-configurable and can function as either base or rover. Streamlined, rugged housings provide maximum weather protection for communication ports and internal electronics.

More information about the HiPer XT will be available on Topcon’s website: and from your local Topcon Survey / GPS dealer.