New Book Authored by Berntsen

The President of Berntsen International, Rhonda Rushing, has announced that Berntsen has begun work on a book honoring the beauty and importance of survey monuments of all kinds, and is turning to the surveying community for help.

“Surveyors have been making their mark on America for generations, and their monuments are a link to the past, little gems and treasures that tell special stories and create unexpected beauty in out of the way places. Survey monuments are the punctuation marks of our country’s history. It’s time to showcase the art and the stories, and to pay tribute to surveyors who have been marking the past – and the future – of our country for generations, doing their work humbly but also expertly. Berntsen International is proud to be bringing more attention to this little recognized aspect of our nation’s greatness.” – Rhonda Rushing

For nearly 35 years, Berntsen has reshaped the survey monument industry with an impressive string of product innovations and manufacturing breakthroughs. As of 2005, millions of Berntsen monuments have been set around the globe.
But survey monuments, of course, have been around since long before Berntsen arrived on the scene – they date back at least to biblical times and may be our nation’s longest lasting historical artifacts in continuous use.
The book, titled History in the Marking, will be built around photographs of unique, beautiful, historically significant monuments, together with notes on their history. Berntsen is asking for help in acquiring high quality photographs of monuments from around the country. Detailed requirements are available at, and in their upcoming catalog, but here is a summary:

1) A high quality photo taken from directly above the monument. Digital color photos are preferred, but any extraordinary image will be used.
2) A few pictures of the monument’s surroundings are also needed.
3) A history of the monument, its significance, and a description how it was set.
4) Directions to the monument, and whether it’s on private or public land.
5) Latitude and longitude of the marker: a handheld GPS unit provides sufficient accuracy.
6) Contact information, including the name of your organization.
7) A release form authorizing Berntsen to use the photo in a book on monuments.
8) Please submit photos as soon as possible. We will not be able to accept submissions after September 1st, 2005.

If the photo is included in the book, the photographer will be credited and will also receive a free copy, signed by Rhonda Rushing.

This is a project that will shine a light on surveying’s significant contribution to American history, and honor the monuments that have ‘held their post’ – for a century or more in some cases – and survived to tell their tale. Submissions should be sent to:

Berntsen International, Inc.
Attn: History in the Marking
P.O. Box 8670
Madison WI 53708-8670

or by email to