YARMOUTH, ME – DeLorme, a leading developer of accessible geospatial software and data solutions, today announced that its XMap 4.5 software has been adopted by a major manufacturer of center pivot irrigation systems to aid in the sale and setup of its products.

T-L Irrigation Co. of Hastings, NE chose XMap 4.5  because it is economically priced, easy to use (thus eliminating the need for expensive training), and because its mapping, editing and GPS features provide the high-productivity capabilities the company’s field personnel and dealers require.

XMap 4.5  is used in conjunction with SAT10 satellite imagery (available in DeLorme’s Aerial Data Packets) to quickly and accurately locate the center of an agricultural field and overlay the correct number of spans and towers for irrigation.

In addition, DeLorme Earthmate® GPS receivers are employed to capture location coordinates for wells.  XMap 4.5 is then used to map those well locations with pin-point accuracy. With its 3-D terrain capabilities, XMap 4.5 can display the optimum path for water supply lines.

T-L Irrigation also utilizes XMap 4.5 as an effective presentation tool to show end users how the installed system would appear on their fields, in 3-D.

"XMap is easily adaptable to our specialized applications at an acceptable cost," said T-L Irrigation’s Marketing Manager. "DeLorme has provided excellent product development assistance and product support."

The Aerial Data Packets (ADPs) offer a unique data solution for T-L Irrigation and other companies involved in large-scale asset installation and maintenance.  Each ADP includes composite 1-meter USGS DOQQs, 7.5-minute USGS maps, 10-meter color satellite imagery, and an underlying digital elevation model. The geographical coverage for each ADP is selected from within the XMap 4.5 NetLink tab and delivered by download, CD-ROM, or USB hard drive.

About T-L Irrigation Co.
Family owned, T-L Irrigation Co. is celebrating 50 years in business and supplies world-class pivot irrigation systems globally. Their hydrostatically-driven systems move continuously ensuring uniform water distribution, exceptional component life, low maintenance cost, simplicity of design, and safety.

About DeLorme
Located in Yarmouth, Maine, DeLorme has over 25 years of cartographic and software experience and over 125 employees dedicated to creating the best in mapping, GIS, and GPS products. DeLorme digital products are rooted in the XMap development platform, which is scalable to accommodate future growth and endorsed by millions of dedicated digital mapping software users worldwide. The DeLorme business model transforms innovative technologies into affordable and easy-to-use navigation and mapping products.