BAE Systems Releases SOCET GXP™ V2.0 Geospatial Software

SAN DIEGO – BAE Systems has released the latest version of SOCET GXP, its end-to-end image analysis software. SOCET GXP v2.0 has new features that are geared towards a non-photogrammetry audience, and offers numerous advantages over other image analysis and geospatial analysis software packages.

The added functionality of SOCET GXP v2.0 streamlines workflow processes, making it easier for analysts to create and distribute critical data. Such data is used worldwide for mission planning, search and rescue operations, disaster relief, change detection, natural resources management, transportation planning, and other activities that require superior visual intelligence. With SOCET GXP, production time is reduced by 50 percent allowing users to deliver accurate geospatial information to the field in time to make a difference.

“The beauty of SOCET GXP is two-fold,” said Dan London, vice president of GXP Sales and Marketing for BAE Systems. “With this release, both UNIX® and Windows® operating systems are managed by a single user interface and its flexible architecture supports multiple windows for production efficiencies. Early feedback indicates that the most beneficial new features are the ability to organize multiple data sets with the application manager, compare data dynamically using the Multiport function, and work with data on laptop computers in the field. Users will continue to enjoy performance enhancements like these with each subsequent release.”

Some key components of BAE Systems’ widely-used photogrammetry package, SOCET SET®, have been integrated into SOCET GXP in a new style, which will benefit users who are not photogrammetrists. SOCET GXP v2.0 replaces VITec ELT® and VITec PC completely. Longer term plans include porting SOCET SET’s full functionality to SOCET GXP, which will consolidate all BAE Systems’ commercial products for the image analyst, geospatial analyst, and photogrammetrist into one product.

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