SECO introduces new Vehicle Interior Controller/Collector Bracket

SECO’s new controller/collector bracket brings the hardware inside the vehicle 

REDDING, CA — SECO Manufacturing Company, Incorporated has created a new vehicle interior bracket (part number 5199-5X) to hold all types of data collectors or controllers.

It’s easy-to-mount fixtures place the bracket on either the windshield or the dashboard of the vehicle, providing easy reading and access to the collector or controller from the comfort and safety of the vehicle.  As with all SECO ball-and-joint-style collector/controller brackets, freedom of movement is nearly unlimited so that a comfortable tilt position can easily be set up.

Use this new SECO bracket in conjunction with the new SECO GPS Truck Door Bracket (part number 5114-20-FLY) or with a standard SECO GPS Magmount for a complete surveying solution.